Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fantastic Thursday!

What a nice evening! Today I received my written appraisal from Gail.... Yippee! Aunt Jenny's quilt came in a little lower than I thought, but it's still nice to know. The only thing she messed up on was when she wrote it was my mothers quilt instead of my aunts. I will give her a call tomorrow and see if I can correct it on my paper, or if she has to re-do it. Getting that in the mail made up for the completely disorganized and partially wasted day at work. To much to do, not enough bodies to do it. I left close to 'on time' and will finish up on Tuesday what I had to leave today.... Monday is a training day so I'm not sure how much extra I will be able to get done, we shall see....

Tomorrow I think I am going to hide in my sewing room. I haven't been in there for several days and I have a couple projects I want to get done. First I shall have to clean off my cutting table (so what's new?). I also need to find a spot for my shadow box. Carl surprised me with a very bright light to use with my new toy and I will have to try that out before I put everything away.

Have any of you seen the newest quilt book from Rosemary Youngs? It is about the Civil War (of course)... Homestead Hearth is doing a block of the month club. I am so very tempted to sign up for 2 of the 3, but as I write this I realize that you only get the newest Civil War fabric and I have been collecting Civil War fabrics for some time. I don't have to have that Civil War fabric, I just need the book. I also have EQ now, so the CD's will be a great asset.... I already have one of her books, but haven't done any of the blocks. I just remembered that there is a disc in the back flap and I need to load that into EQ and see if her CD's help with the construction or not. Now I guess I have more than enough to keep me busy tomorrow!

Well, it is the witching hour again, so I shall say good night, sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" 
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