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This year we went to NY for the 75th Voorheis family reunion and it was during the time of the Palmyra Pagent. I haven't been since we went with Mom and Day way before I joined the church and we asked if Lissa and Bruce wanted to go with us. We also met up with Carl's oldest brother, Wayne, his wife, Florence and their son and daughter-in-law, Orin and Chartina.

Before the pagent started the cast walked around in costume talking and greeting people.

This was during the performance. The colors were so bright, even after dark.

When I downloaded this picture I was totally blown away. I remember the feeling I had when this scene was unfolding and I really caught it in this picture. What do you feel when you look at it?

Learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Palmyra Pagent click through on the links.

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The first site of the temple while driving west on Pinnacal Peak Road.

The front of the Temple.

Looking inside the front door.

The side of the Temple that faces Pinnacle Peak Road.

Beautiful designs all around the building.

A new addition that may be the power plant.
Front of the Temple

Looking in the front door. You can see the back windows here. At some point I'm sure you won't be able to see through like this.

These words are on the front of all our Temples.

Just the tools of the trade.

A close up of the designs on the outside.


This will be the last post about the temple for the year. I have been very bad about getting up there to take pictures like I wanted to. Most progress we will be able to see from now on will be the steeple area and landscaping. It amazes me that we broke ground June 4th, 2011 and this is what we see now. Some pictures that I haven't downloaded were during the time they were putting up one section of the outside. It looked like it was premade concrete slabs that they were putting up with the crane. I'm not even sure where those pictures are, so I guess I need to go through my SD cards and find them.

This is the front entrance.

This inscription is on each and every one of our Temples.

This was a peek inside and it looks like the frames for the walls are well underway.

This must be 'the spot' for the workers to take a break. I'm not sure if they took the canopy off for safe keeping or if it blew away.

 I noticed this while peeking over the top of the fence. I think it is an inspirational board for the employees. One section is pictures of the construction workers and another section is a picture of the finished temple. 

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August 1

Check it out! The basement is done and the 'driveway' is filled in.... We are marching right along!

June 8
Now that it has been 3 months since the last there is a lot more that is visible. They have a lot of the frame work up and lots more cement poured.

Here is the whole Temple. they are putting a beam in place about in the center.

On the left is where they are pouring the cement for the sub floor. 

Here they are putting another beam in place.

I can't imagine sitting up there grabbing onto a metal beam and putting it in place....

Here they are just finishing up the floor section they started today. There will be another layer of finishing cement on top of the layer they poured today.

March 3
Oh my! I can't believe that 2 months has gone by since I last visited the Temple site.... Life sure got in the way!

These pictures were taken from the 'front' of the Temple. In all of them you can see the forms that have been used. The basement looks like it has a lot of cement work done. This is the left front corner.

This is the middle.

This is the right corner.

Here you can see the 'ramp' that is used to get into the basement. 

These were taken on a Saturday and we thought we would be able to go out on the deck at the information center, but the center isn't open on weekend without an appointment. The regular times at the information center are during the week between 9 and 4 or 5 with appointments available some evenings and weekends. These may change as the construction continues, but am not sure... 

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December 31
Good day to everyone! We finally made it back up to the Temple site! We have been so busy moving this month that we just didn't get up there. Also, not having to go get the baptism outfits each Saturday kept us out of the area, too....
So, what progress in a months time! We now have an on-site information trailer. They also have built an observation deck. As you can see by the pictures there is a crane on site now and they have some footers and walls poured in the basement. In the information trailer there is a big TV screen that shows the site from the camera on top of another trailer. They are able to move the camera to see it from different angles. They also have aerial photos of the site that were just great. I tried getting a picture of them, but I forgot to put my SD card in my camera and didn't have any more memory.
So, anybody that wants to go visit take a non-member and do some missionary work....

 This is going to be the front of the Temple. It will be facing the chapel and 51st Avenue. 

The parking lot will be to the right where the mound of dirt is right now.

This is a picture taken over the top of the barrier so that you can see the ramp down into the basement. The brown is a form for pouring cement. I'm not sure what it is going to be yet, but as with everything else we shall find out eventually...

This is a picture taken from the new deck outside the information trailer. We didn't know that was going to be there and were quite surprised. Right now they have limited hours, but will be open more as time goes on. Make sure when you go that you go out onto the deck first then go into the building. There are senior missionaries there to give you information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Temples. Maybe one of these days we'll meet up while we are there....
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November 30

The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the barrier had been moved further into the parking lot. The building in this first photo hasn't been moved, but the fence has. The fence was up against the trailer the last time we were there.

The next thing I noticed was the sign had been moved. It is now on the right hand side of the gate instead of the left.

Then the biggest change of all! They are digging the basement! Now we know where the Temple is going to be situated! It is closer to Pinnacle Peak Rd than the back of the lot. We aren't sure which way it will be facing yet, but as with everything else we shall know in due time.

 This is so cool to watch! I didn't figure they would ever start working on the building! It only has been a few months since the dedication and it shall be a lot more months till it is finished. Not that I want time to fly, but I would like this Temple to be done :)....  

Until next time, Sharon

October 22
Because of the shorter days we don't make it up to the Temple site before the sun starts going down. So my pictures are on the dark side now. 

This is the parking lot that has been there. The difference is that all of the trees are gone!

Here is the site where the dedication was performed. Not much different except that the trucks are being parked there. Most of the work is being done towards the back of the site right now. The pictures I took were dark so I shall wait until I get better ones for a comparison of previous pictures.

 Until next time,

October 8

I forgot to post our picture taking trip to the Temple last week. We didn't go this week because we were in and out of the house during the week on vacation. You need to go on over to the 'vacation' section to see what we were up to last week. Sad to say we are back to work tomorrow....
This is the site that started all of this.

This is the area toward the back of the site that is getting the most attention right now.

This house is at the very back of the property and we're not sure if it is part of the Temple grounds or not. This is the back of the house and there is a side street to get to this place. We noticed that there was a gate in the security fence around the grounds.

There was something going on in the Chapel and the gates were open for parking so we were able to see more of the 'action' areas.
I hope everyone enjoys my documentation of our new Temple. I am enjoying seeing what is going on up there.
Today while at church one of the speakers spoke about us being ready to be Temple workers and having our Temple Recommends. I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Temple many years ago with Carl and have had a recommend since. I don't make it to Mesa Temple as often as I should, but it is a very peaceful day when I do. This Temple won't be open for a couple years, but we need to prepare ourselves NOW to be worthy to attend. It is a very special place and is worth every ounce of struggle for members to be able to obtain their recommend to attend this sacred place. I know, it took me 4 years from my baptism to my first visit and have never regretted all my hard work to attend.

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October 1

Where oh where did September go? This first weekend of October is usually our semi-annual Conference from the Church and this weekend is no exception. We get to hear speakers from our First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve and other general authorities. What a great time to learn new things and to be reminded of others. Each 6 months that we hear from them I learn something, not necessarily new, but reminded of the things that I should be doing.... We also heard that there were some more Temples in 'planning' stages.

While I was listening to the talks this morning I was remembering my baptism. 11 years ago on the 14th of this month I was baptized and I can still remember the feelings I had that day. I knew when I was in my 20's that I would find a Church that I would be a good 'fit' for me and this is the one. 
Next week Carl and I are on vacation. One of the days we are off I want to go to the Mesa Temple. It is so peaceful there even though it sits on 'Main Street' with all the traffic zooming past!

Here are the current pictures of the new Temple being built in Phoenix, AZ. It will only be 15 miles from where we are right now instead of 45. I didn't see much change up towards the front of the property, but in the back lots of equipment and dirt piles prevail!
This is the back of the site where all the 'action' is going on this week. 

This is the parking lot in back of the Chapel without the sun washing the colors out.

Here are the 'rules' that have been posted. I love the wording on the bottom section.

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September 23, 2011

Well I finally have some pictures to post. 2 weeks ago we didn't make the trip up to the site. It was way to hot to do much of anything that weekend so we stayed home. Then last weekend I took some great shots and then I lost them! I just have no idea where they disappeared to on my camera. So frustrating. BUT, this weekend we made it up to the site and was able to get a couple good shots. They have planted some plants around the new parking lot and in front of the chapel, added new construction trailers and just in general cleaned things up. 

Just to the right out of view is where the dedication took place.

Here is one of 2 construction trailers that have been brought in. Next week I will need to get a picture of the new sign that is posted. Some rules and regulations for constructions sites.

Until next time,

September 3
Oh boy, lots of progress to be seen this week! The parking lot on the east and north side of the Chapel is ready for lights and stripes.

This is facing east.

This is facing west. This is the area that was grass before they started working on the Temple.

Here is where the pile of dirt was last week. 

Lots of changes going on!
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August 26

A lot has been done the past two weeks! New cement has been poured where the Chapel entrance from 51st Avenue was with more ready to pour. We didn't go around to the other side of the Chapel this week, but it might be something I need to do next time.

Here is the dedicated site. More equipment, but not much else. The construction crew are still playing in the dirt :)....

This is the water truck. We arrived just as it was making it's rounds of the site. The parking lot was washed down then the dirt and stones were covered with water to lower the dust in the air. The poor quality that the air has been in lately it sure is appreciated when construction employees do this type of stuff. I'm sure that there are different sites that just kind of skip this step.....

Here is some of the equipment that is being used to help build our Temple. I am not sure what they use these for, but they look like giant fans on their sides. Whatever they are I sure would like to see them in operation.

Here is one of the construction workers. We were just getting ready to leave and he pulled in to pick up a piece of equipment. He was being a smarty so I had to take his picture. 

That's all for this week. 
So until next time,

August 14

Here is the site where the ground breaking occurred, not much has changed so far.

 Here is the parking lot. The outline for what we believe is lights is done.

We won't be back for a couple weeks now. We are going north for a few days, so I hope that lots will be done when we get back!
Until next time,

August 7

Here is the spot where I think the 'yellow things' I posted about last time ended up. This was a deep hole a couple weeks ago, but is mostly filled in now with drainage grates.

Here is the back of the chapel with the parking lot being done. Not sure what they are going to do with the parts of the curbs that are sticking out into the lot. Maybe lights?

There are new stones put in next to the old parking lot. It looks like it is for drainage also. 


On the other side of the Chapel they are working really hard. I did not take a picture, but they are putting up a block wall. Not sure why they are putting this up, but as with everything else we shall find out in due time.
So cool to go up and see the progress every week. I'm not sure how many others are taking pictures, but do know of one that is posting on Facebook. I have also been hearing stories from people that are looking forward to this Temple. One of the comments that was passed to me was from a young mother with 3 girls she said, 'this is the Temple my girls will be married in'. Isn't it marvelous that the next generation can watch their Temple being built? I sure think so. 

Until next time,

July 30

Here is the pit filled in. A great place for a little boy to play in the dirt...

Here is the parking lot getting a little more make over.

Here is the pile of dirt that was taken out of the pit.

I thought I had lost these photos. I had put the wrong SIMS card in the camera. I was so happy to find then tonight, so that is why you have a double photo shoot.

Until next time,

July 22

Woohoo! We made it up to the site on a Friday before they closed the gates and we talked with one of the construction crew. They are moving right along and the most noticeable change was the pit that they were working on. We're not sure what it is going to be used for, but we shall keep track of it. They are lining it with some type of plastic and putting stones on top of that. 

See the yellow items in the background? I didn't notice them until I downloaded the pictures. Not sure what these are for, but we will find out in time.  

Here is the pit they are working on. I hope that we can make it up there again before they close the gates to see what they are using this for. 

This is the parking lot. If you look at the left side of the picture you see some new curbing. I should have asked the construction worker what these were for. It may be for lights, but with everything else only time will tell. 

I am having fun doing this and hope all that are following my blog enjoy it too!
Until next time,

July 15

We went the this week, but because I didn't download the pictures right away I have messed up the sequence. So, I shall skip this week and post the next weeks pictures.

July 9

It doesn't look like much has changed in this week, but there are little things that are changed. Every visit we see different things moved, a little more dirt here and there or equipment moved.

Here is the driveway in back of the Chapel. Not much more looks like it is going on, but they are slowly working here. 

 This is further back in the lot from where the Dedication took place. 

Here is the area that the Dedication took place. 

July 3

Some more progress! We are on our way! 

It is exciting every time we drive into the parking lot to take these pictures and see more progress. No matter if it is just a little dirt being moved or the parking lot being torn up. It means one more step closer to the Temple doors being opened! 

During our Stake Conference last weekend we were encouraged to start looking forward to the time when the doors would be opened by becoming prepared NOW to become able to become Temple workers. The first step in this process is to become worthy to hold a Temple Recommend. To do that we have to attend our meetings, pay a full tithe, fulfill our callings, follow the Word of Wisdom, and be faithful to our spouse (if married) or chaste (if single). The next step could be requesting to become a Temple worker in the Mesa Temple now. Also, just attending the Mesa Temple will help. Also, names need to be submitted so the 'work' can be done for our deceased members. This 'work' consists of baptism, endowments and Temple marriages by proxy. 

For further information about Temples and my church go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or the Mormons.

Now here are the newest additions to the Phoenix Arizona Temple

The Temple site itself

 The parking lot behind the Chapel

June 25

Yahoo! There is progress! Last week it didn't look like anybody had even parked in the parking lot, never mind worked on the Temple site......
BUT, this week there is LOTS of progress! The west side of the Chapel where there was nice landscape is all bulldozed up!
This is the driveway at the back of the Chapel. I think that there will be a parking lot there when construction is done. 

Now at the Temple site itself there is some differences.
This shows a new fence.

Here you can see some dirt has been graded and the green carpet is gone.

Here is a closer picture of where the green carpet was.

What a joy it will be watching this Temple being built! Just seeing this little bit of progress is exciting. We shall see what next week brings!

Until next time, Sharon

June 11

Not much has changed in one week, but as we were there a few other cars pulled into the parking lot to check out the Temple site.
Not sure if you can tell or not, but I am standing on the hood of our car because the gate was closed. 

Here you can see that they have been grading some of the dirt close to the block wall. 

Until next time, Sharon

June 4

This is after the dedication. As you can see others wanted to take their kids to this special site and share the great news. 

Here you can see more of the area. I'm not sure if they will be working here right away, but we shall see. 

June 3

For those that don't know me I will to give you a little background. 
In 2000 after thoughtful consideration I joined The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
In 2004 I was able to join my husband in the Mesa Temple to be married for "time and all eternity", which is different than, "to death do us part".
Mesa, AZ is not that far from us, but we still find it hard to go to the Temple on a regular basis. In the last few years our Church has started building smaller Temples than the Mesa Temple which makes it easier for people to attend and to be able to build more Temples.
For the past couple of years we have been working with local government to be able to build one of our 'smaller' Temples in the North Phoenix area, next to a Chapel.
We were told some time ago that all the permits, plans and such were taken care of so then we waited for the announcement about the construction to begin. Last Sunday we were told that the ground breaking ceremony would take place tomorrow, June 4th, 2011.
I wanted to start taking pictures of the progress of this Temple, so tonight my dear husband took me up to the site to take pictures. I am going to try and get a weekly photo, but we shall see how well I do. 
Here are the pictures the night before construction starts. To be at the site tomorrow is by invitation only, but they are televising it at our Chapel, so I shall see it being done.
As of tonight, this is what it looks like.

This is the Chapel

Here is the bigger picture.

Getting closer.

I believe this is the site where the 'ground breaking' will happen.

Until next time, Sharon