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Getting some more inventory built up for my craft fairs. Recently I have been working on hanging towels and hanging towel rings. 

Last month I managed to get this quilt done, but I don't have pictures of it completed, just with it on my design wall.


I have a good start on some 9-patch baby quilts! I have 7 tops ready to be quilted. Two sets are mirror images of each other the other 3 are a combination of 3 fabrics. One set is Noah's Arc and pink paisley, another set is bright colored dots on white with small white dots on pink and the 3 are monkeys with coordinating fabrics placed in different areas. I think I am liking the ones that only have 2 different fabrics in them instead of 3 like the pattern calls for. It is the same pattern as the baby doll quilts below. Pictures of these completed quilts pending!


This is the latest finish! Blue and White Spin. This quilt was started in Arizona and finished here in Tennessee. All done on my trusty machines including "Mr. Stretch".

Get on over to ArtFire to pick up this beauty!


These are my newest creations! Small baby doll quilts for 18" dolls.


My 3rd day at the Hendersonville, TN Farmer's Market at The Streets of Indian Lake. Meeting lots of cool people and learning lots about my new state.


The newest finish! This quilt was made with 1930's reproduction fabric in the 54-40 or Fight quilt block. This block is so easy to do and goes together quickly. It went in the mail today for it's new owner. Sure hope he likes it!


 This month I went to another class with Kaye. This time I learned how to use her 'View & Do Heart Shape'. It is so cool to be able to take her classes and see what other things we can come up with. This pattern is 'Pinwheel Hearts Pattern' and it shows different combinations inside and I picked a portion of one design and came up with this small table runner.

This is one of Kaye's creations that started just before my last class with her. Can you tell why she is a renowned quilt 'engineer'? This picture does not do this quilt justice it is so very vibrant and stunning!

This is the certificate that I received with this class. Now I can teach using all of Kaye's 'Starmaker Rulers' and 'View & Do Shapes'. It sure doesn't seem like I have been taking classes from Kaye for almost 5 years!

Thank you, Kaye for making quilting so very easy! I'm sure I shall be back for some more 'instructions'!

Until next time,

This is what my design wall looked like just a few days ago.

 This is what it what it looks like tonight.

Hopefully it will end up looking something like this:

Some years ago I was very active in an online quilt forum. All of the red and blue fabric I have used in this quilt so far is from one of our swaps. One year we did a different themed charm swap and a 'noodle' swap. These were different sized square pieces of fabric and 2 1/2 inch by width of fabric strips of fabric. I still have a lot of each of them left still and they come in real handy for projects just like this one. I am not sure if I am going to use the left over blues and reds for the borders or not. This may end up on my Artfire site if it doesn't turn into a UFO.

Until next time,


Here is one of my UFO's that has been hanging around on my design wall for several months. I started this quilt top at a class with Kaye and am so glad to get it together. Now I have to decide if I want to add a little more around the edges and how to quilt it. I am seriously thinking about sending it out for some special TLC.

Now my design wall is very empty and driving me buggy every time I  look at it. I guess I need to get busy and fill it again, LOL!

Until next time,


 I am so glad that my mother was a 'hoarder' too, (grin). She bought this blue flower fabric for curtains sometime in the 70's. I'm not sure if she ever used it for curtains, but I vaguely remember some chairs covered with it. This is the third time that I have covered this large ironing board with this fabric and I still have 1/2 the bolt remaining.
Off with the old!

On with the new!

Now I just need to find a decent iron. Does anybody have any ideas for an iron with a steam generator? I had one years ago that I wore out and I'd buy another, but they don't make that brand any more. I did buy a dry iron from The Vermont Country Store, but I'm not real happy with it.  It doesn't have equal weight balance and doesn't get as hot as I'd like it to. So I shall continue my search.


This is what Carl's quilt started out looking like. I wanted it bigger so I tore it apart and added another row around the dark brown then put the light brown back on for the last round. I really want to finish quilting this in the next few days. I am doing a tighter stipple in the dark and light brown areas, but leaving the circle areas unquilted. I have already used 3 full bobbins and I'm glad I have 2 spools of the same thread so I don't have to make a fast trip to the store to get more.... I'm sure that will be enough to get it finished or at least that is what I tell myself.
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Kaye's plaque when she was inducted into the Sewing Industry Hall of Fame. 

Some of Kaye's quilts that she shared with us during our discussion of different techniques and pattern. 

Our sewing space

Phyllis busy at work working on Aurora Borealis Wallhanging, but she was using lighthouses instead of the birds.

Mary was working on 'Nebula'.

Mary working on her background and Kaye playing with one of her toys taking my money :)...

The links I provided are for e-patterns which are great because you can get them RIGHT NOW and be making your new quilt that much faster!

Early in the month.

Here is one of two quilts a church member finished for her girls on my quilt machine. It was the first time she used a mid-arm and she did a fantastic job!

Here is the newest design getting started. I have several blocks done and wanted to see what the picture in my head looked like. I am so glad I have EQ. It makes it so easy to erase and start over. If you get the block or quilt size wrong all you have to do is go back a screen and change a number here or there. You can try out all kinds of borders and widths, too! Then you can even print out the yardage.

I am using the red and blue strips that I swapped several years ago on one of my forums. It is nice to have 1/2 of the cutting all done. This is one that I want to work on until it's done instead of getting the top done and letting it set. This one is going to be for our bed and it will be the third one that I have made just for us. The first one I made for us was with blocks I swapped in a forum, the next one was the 1600 inch jelly roll one that is on our bed and then this one. It is so nice to have the equipment to be able to completely finish these with ease.

Until next time,

I put together this one a couple years ago. It is also on Artfire.


Here is the newest added to Artfire!

It is different shades of orange, brown and black. It started out as a demo for an up coming class, but ended up being a finished quilt! I think it turned out really pretty!


Here is another quilt that I finished this month. It was a little bit of a challenge getting it together, but I love challenges! I even managed to figure out how to crop my pictures in a circle! I really like it when I learn new stuff!

Here is the latest of my finished quilts.

This one I made for my own bed. This is only the second quilt I have made for myself. This pattern is called a "Jelly Roll Race" or a "1600 Inch Jelly Roll" quilt pattern. You just sew strips together end to end then sew the long edges together over and over again until it is the width you want. I really like the looks of these quilts and just may be doing more. I have lots of 'strips' from several swaps I did years ago so have lots of fabric to make more.
I have found a new fabric shop that has great prices and found an older line of Eleanor Burns' fabric. It was the fabric that was featured in her 'Victory Quilts' book. That book is about quilts and quilt blocks from World War II. El always has stories in her quilt books that go with the theme of any of her books and this one is no exception. I am thinking about getting busy making one of these quilts. I know this is a surpise to everyone, LOL! I have picked out my block layout and the size block, but still need to pick out the background fabric. There are directions for 6 and 12 inch blocks and I want to do the 6 inch ones and a ribbon border. As soon as I get the current quilt done and decide on the background I shall be busy, busy, busy.

Until next time,

I am hosting a charm swap on one of the forums that I participate on. We are swapping 5 inch charms with a theme of 'Spring Flowers'. A set consists of 15 packages of 2 charms. You may swap up to 6 'sets'. The sign up goes until the end of December and the mail out date is the 15th of January. If anybody is interested please drop me a line and I'll send you the guidelines. Also, if anybody would like to join the QuiltingA-Z site we are looking for new members.

Last Saturday I set up a 'booth' at the Westbrook Craft Sale. It was a nice cool day without being to cool.... I made out okay and sold towels and wine vests. 

I managed to get an extra bi-fold door loaded with towels thanks to Carl. I also picked up a couple folding book cases awhile ago at a second hand store. I only had room for one this time, but we figured out that they can go together one on top of the other. We just need to make sure that they don't fall apart if someone pushes on one or the other of them. I always have good sales on the towels and this time was no different. I really would have like to sell a few purses or quilts. Maybe next year! After the first of the year I need to get busy and start making more of the little things. I may accomplish it next year :), I always think I have more time 'later'.....

What a great week it has been for my birthday! We have traveled all over on day trips and my hubby is so good to me he stops at all of the quilt shops I want to visit! Of course I have to pick up SOMETHING while I am there. At least I have an idea what I am going to do with all of my 'finds'!

The big piece in the back is 1800 fabric for another shirt for Carl. The smaller pieces in the front are 1/2 yard cuts except the first piece to the left and that is a fat quarter cut. The 2 in the very front are from Blank Textiles and they have 4 shades of the same color on the bolt. This fabric is great to use in this pattern by Kaye Wood. The snips I was looking for during the Maricopa Shop  Hop and didn't find a good price on and the thread is what I want to try in Mr. Stretch. This is for use on the quilts I am making Kelly. I love variegated threads! Today I picked up a cone of Signature thread to try with Mr. Stretch. He is very fussy with his thread and now that I have him all uncovered and set up to work I need to try what will make him happy. I have been looking for backing for a couple tops I have done, but have not settled on what I want. So much to choose from!


The 2011 Maricopa Shop Hop!
We had so much fun and I got a couple deals and stayed within budget. Here is all but one of my deals. The last item I bought is a new nifty ruler that needed to be ordered. The store sold out of their inventory within the first few days. I have since looked at the online site that sells this ruler and I want the bigger one (of course!).

I have yet to load the software. It is for making labels for my projects and looks to be very interesting. I am trying out new threads so that I can find the one that I want to use all the time. Finding sources for less expensive threads is frustrating! At least I was able to grab some different brands while we did the hop. Also, I had to have some more fabric :).... I love 1800 reproduction fabric. One of the shops we visited specializes in the 1800 fabrics. I know I will go back and pick up some more for Carl's outfits.... I also picked up 3  or 4 ideas that I actually wrote down this year. One of which I am going to try this week sometime. The next thing on my quilting adventure is the January festival that they put on at the fair grounds. I look forward to that each year too!

My sister is the greatest! See what she sent to me....

Some years ago my Aunt Jenny, my mother's oldest sister, gave her 'Retirement Quilt' to my sister and this past week she sent it to me!! I remember one of our many family gatherings at the 'Homer Water Works' (where Uncle Jim was the caretaker) when Aunt Jenny was working on this quilt. I wasn't a quilter back then, but they fascinated me and I was quite impressed with her choice of patterns. I'm not sure how long it took for Aunt Jenny to finish this quilt, but each of the cathedral windows is from some fabric that she used to make one outfit or another for herself or a member of the family. She was a prolific seamstress for many years. This quilt is very heavy and doesn't have a lick of batting in it. The size is a large double to small queen and my cat of course wanted to test it out to see if it was as comfortable as all the other quilts she has tested. I don't think she was happy with me when I scooped her up just as she jumped up and didn't get a very good chance to inspect..... 

So many memories are wrapped up in this quilt. Now I just need to get a good quilt rack so that I can display it.

Thanks sis!


Kanab, Ut quilt show at the Western Legends Round-Up.

This one was at the breakfast and was for sale. Of course I looked real close at it because I really liked it and wanted to reproduce it..... Surprise, this is a cheater panel!

Here are some of the quilts that were hanging in the quilt show. All were beautiful and most were different patterns. In years past we have seen the majority of the same pattern, but this year there weren't many repeats.

I thought this was a unique Lone Star. The borders were fantastic and the quilting was superb. 

Check out these feathers!

This is another cheater panel. The unique thing about this one is the quilting is outlining the design.

Applique was in. 

 Here is a Sun Bonnet Sue. This one had a fancier dress and bonnet then most I have seen. 

The quilting on this one really brought out the design. The little leaves were raw edge applique. I think they were added during the quilting process.

Check out this double wedding ring. Just a little different than most. The 'rings' are one thin piece of fabric.

This one was in the 'antique' quilt area.

This one was real bright and eye catching. I just love the wandering geese!

That is all of the quilts that I took pictures of this year. It sure was a feast for sore eyes. It seemed as though they had less quilts on display this year, but what they had was fantastic workmanship and variety. 
Until next time, happy qilting, Sharon

Here are my blocks I sent out for a Red, White and Blue block swap. I really enjoy swapping things with  
all of my quilting buddies no matter if they are on the 'My Quilting Buddies' (MQB) site or on 'The Quilting Board'. 

I have finished all my blocks for the 'Stash Buster' swap and have many of my 'Easy Flower Block' cut out and a few sewn together. I'm glad they aren't due until the end of August because I have another project to finish first. I started a stained glass Nativity last night. I started getting material together for it in January when I went to the Phoenix Quilt Festival. It sure will be nice when I get it done!

So, I guess I have enough projects to keep me busy and out of trouble for a few weeks now.

Happy Quilting,

Another quilt is together and in the new owner's hands! I didn't think I would ever get this done. Just about everything that could go wrong did! Murphy's Law was alive and well here the past 2 weeks, LOL....

Here are the blocks on the wall.

Here is the quilt completely together. Carl wasn't tall enough to show the ribbon border on the bottom as well as the top. 

This is a really nice pattern. I used one of Kaye's Starmaker rulers and went off a couple pictures of this design. I really like the ribbon border and just may do it on another quilt.

Here are my latest accomplishments. A quilt for sister-in-law Judy and some Mug Mats. 

I started Judy's quilt with these fabrics plus one other piece of coordinating material.

And ended with this.

The color in the finished quilt is not true. The purple is more the color of the purple fabric in the first picture. I was really surprised how striking this quilt turned out. 

Here is the back and the label. 

The story behind this quilt is interesting also. The local quilt shop (LQS) that Carl & I visited is a new one close to home. It was our first visit there and it was 1/2 hour after their posted closing time when we walked up to the door. I was not upset, but was pleasantly surprised when the owner opened the door, invited us in with the statement, "We're still here, come on in". I didn't want to keep them really late by checking everything out so we just did a quick trip around the store looking for 'green and purple' fabrics. We were headed to the door with a, 'thank you' when I spotted the above fabrics. It was like they knew we were coming in and would need only this fabric. The bolts were situated so that they showed almost the whole bolt, not just the little folded edge. Each sitting right in line saying, 'Here I am, just what you were looking for!'. The next few times we went in these same bolts of fabric were on the same shelf, but were positioned like all the other bolts with only a thin edge showing. I would have walked right by them if they had been positioned this way on my first visit. I know the Spirit was with us that first day in that LQS and made everything possible to make this quilt. It is with joy that I was able to send this 'Circle of Life' to her and know that it holds a lot of love and hugs just for her.

My other project is Mug Mats. Otherwise known as Mug Rugs or Snack Mats. These are the newest rage with quilters. 

Here is my version of a Mug Mat.

This is an original pattern that I am trying to put together to sell. I used one of Kaye's Starmaker rulers and they are so fun to make. It is easy to make mirror images with this pattern and of course I have more ideas floating in my head. I just need to get the directions written up then I will offer them on my ArtFire site. The directions are easy, it's the fabric requirements that are getting the best of me right now..... 
So, stay tuned for the link when these are ready for everybody. 


Testing, this is a test......

I guess my test failed. Will try again on another day...... But, I did get the link for the 'Quarter Quilt'. Just click on 'Pattern' and you will go right to it.

"Double Cross" is now "Brick Path", one of Kaye's 'Quarter Quilts'


At the beginning of the year Terrye from Kaye Wood, Inc. asked me to try out 2 of Kaye's new patterns, "Double Cross" and "Tumbling Winds". Both of these patterns are 'Quarter Quilts' which Kaye says are, "Quarter the bed size!, Quarter the fabric!, Quarter the time!, Quarter the money!" Before I could get to one of these 'Quarter Quilts' I had to finish up 4 charity quilts. Since finishing and delivering the charity quilts I have been able to get to work on "Double Cross". Here are some pictures of how I put this one together. As usual I got so involved with putting this pattern together I forgot to take pictures of all my steps....... I was going to give you a link to get this great pattern, but it is so new Kaye doesn't have it on her site yet. But you will want to go to Kaye's site and check out her other 'Quarter Quilt' patterns and all her rulers. Just as soon as "Double Cross" comes available I'll give you a heads up!

Picking fabric from the stash resulted in these choices.

Using a nifty tool, 'Shape Cut' by June Taylor to cut strips.

Here are all the strips for this project
except the background fabric!

The first step for the center 4 patch.

Using my nifty tool to cut the strips again.

Adding the middle strip section. I just butted the pink/solid green/paisley green as I sewed the solid green on.

Adding the second side of the block to get the 'Cross' design.

Here is the center section all put together. I forgot to take pictures of the the step from above to this one. You actually stitch the 'Cross' block to the solid maroon fabric in one long strip THEN cut the maroon fabric on the diagonal. You then take these blocks and sew them together, off setting the solid to the 'Cross' block to get the 'on point' look. There is no cutting of setting triangles and that is the magic of this pattern.

On to the second border. I added this border on both short ends before going on to the third border. The pattern does not have this border on the short ends.

Getting ready to make the small 'Cross' blocks for the border.

Squaring up the third border. Easy with the 'Starmaker 8' ruler.

My finished version of "Double Cross"
Quarter Quilt before the 'sandwich'!

Here is the pieces of fabric
that were left over.
Probably just enough for a short "Double Cross"
that could be used for a table topper.
 I will be doing this pattern again because it was so easy.

I kept track of my time and here is the breakdown:
Started on 2-4-2011 and finished on 2-9-2011
11:30am to 12:20am: Printed & saved pattern, shopped in stash for fabrics, pressed fabrics.
12:20pm to 2:05pm: Read over pattern, found thread, wound bobbin, cut strips, sewed until the center "Cross" blocks done.
5:40pm to 7:25pm: Cut the background fabric, sewed the background fabric to the "Cross" blocks, cut apart, resewed together and added first border (dark green), wound second bobbin.
4:30pm to 5:35pm: Second border "Cross" blocks done.
5:35pm to 10:20pm: Second pieced border on.
10:30am to 1:15pm: Ripped and replaced a couple background pieces (to short....), wound part of another bobbin, pieced the third border and finished top.
Of course my nifty new ironing board helped when pressing this 'Quarter Quilt'.
Size: 94 1/4" X 27 1/2"
Total hours: roughly 13.


Good evening everyone! I can't believe it has been more than 2 weeks since I posted last. I have been up to a lot of different things lately. One of which is trying to 'destash' the fabric, books, gadgets and rulers. I have sold a few things and given some things away. You have to understand that I have save things for 'years'! I mean YEARS! Some of the craft/sewing stuff I have I moved out here from New York in 1994---almost 17 years ago! The fabric that I used in this project is even older than that. My mother bought this fabric some time before she passed away in the mid 80's. I think she bought it to make curtains with. I just know that I some how got it either during one of her down sizing moves or when she passed away.

Kinda' ugly, huh? I think the only reason I have hung onto this bolt--yes, bolt of fabric is because it was my mothers.... I just have not had anything I really wanted to use it on. I thought about quilt backs, but it's not real wide and it has that shine coating on it. So when I was looking for material to cover a new ironing board this fabric came to mind. I wanted a larger surface to iron my fabric on and this is what I ended up with.

I didn't even put a dent in the amount of fabric left on the bolt. Now I guess I need to dream up some place else to use this 'ugly' fabric. I know I have enough to make 3 or 4 replacement covers and still have some left over. I sure do wonder what Mom had in mind when she bought this!


As I have surfed other blogs the past week or so I found a couple that had tabs at the top. I wondered how they managed to do this so I went 'fishing' for the answer. Lo and behold I found out how to do it, so that brings us here! I thought I'd start by adding a section that is just for my quilting projects and thoughts then work my way to other things.

I can not remember what year I actually started quilting. I know it was after we moved to Arizona and I do believe it was 1998 or 99. Boy, that was a long time ago!! I don't have pictures of my first quilt because at the time I didn't have a digital camera even if it had been invented at that time. It was a simple pattern and I repeated the pattern in this quilt because it was easy.

This one went to my daughter, Julie and has held up quite well. The pattern is set on point with alternating 9 patch and solid blocks. For me now this is a very easy pattern and would not take me long to whip one out. Back then it was quite a chore to get all the blocks together right. Boy, have I grown lots since then! I usually look at a pattern now and figure out how to make it and skip the cost of the pattern or book. I have so many books that give me samples of blocks and of course the internet has multiple free blocks and instructions that keep me busy dreaming up new quilts. 

This next quilt took me a month to get done. It wasn't the pattern or the quilt itself that took so long, but the embroidery. I made it for my girlfriend, Janice for her birthday.

 She is a fan of Pooh and I was able to get digitized designs from a co-worker. These designs had been on the internet, but because they were licensed designs they had to be pulled because of copyrights. 

Full Quilt

'Eyeore' my favorite!

I have never done another quilt in this pattern even though I really like it. It is a really great pattern to show off special fabric or embroidery. Even back then I was changing things. The solid green blocks were suppose to be a 4 patch and I couldn't get them to lay flat, so changed it into a solid piece of fabric. After I put the top together I quilted it on my machine here:

I had a lot of stuff 'stuffed' in that little room! 
The cabinet my machine is in was something we picked up at a garage sale and my DH modified it so my machine would sit down inside so that I would have a flat sewing surface. It sure did make my life a lot easier while sewing. This happens to be DH's favorite picture of me. I sure don't understand why, as with most pictures taken of me I don't care for it. At least there are some pictures of me floating around that future generations in my family can see what I looked like.It is sad for me to go to estate sales and see family pictures just thrown into a box and nobody has any idea who they were, what they did or how they are connected in the family line. So, that is one of the reasons I started this blog and don't holler to much when someone takes my picture. 

With that in mind I have to post this picture. I am working on another quilt many years later. As you can see my sewing space is still a mess and I have quite a bit more grey in my hair, but I am still wearing glasses so that I can see 'the fine print'. I can remember teasing my Mom when she had a hard time threading a needle. She made so many faces trying to get that thread through that little eye. Me, I just invested in a fancy treader so with one button push instant threaded needle!

This quilt started out as a panel for a story book. I cut apart the pages and surrounded them with blocks. This one was for grandson, Cyrus that was fascinated with cars! I looked all over the Phoenix valley for this material! I picked some up on my shop hop that year, but had a dickens of a time finding more. Of course the shop I picked up the first batch was way over on the other side of the valley. Like 50 miles away in city traffic. No, I didn't go back there, I just kept visiting all of the shops here until they received their inventory.


As with all little boys fascinated with all things that go 'Vroom!' you need a race track so here it is on the back!

And I think it was a hit. What do you think?

Well, I think I have posted enough for tonight, but I will get back for some more of my 'passion' another night.
 Happy Quilting,