Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Yippee! The car has new shocks and struts! It is amazing how well that old piece of metal is floating over the bumps in the roads. It doesn't bounce the next 1/2 mile after hittng a bump any more.... It may just last another year or two....

So now the rest of my time off is going to be playing in my sewing room or goofing off.

Today some goof off time has been spent watching 'Emergency!', 'The Rifleman', 'The Big Valley', 'Gunsmoke' and 'Bonanza'. Last night I watched 'Kojack' and 'Perry Mason'. I sure don't miss the big bill from DirecTV and the crappy shows that were on. I really can't get into reality TV. There is to much of that in my own life to want to watch somebody elses stupidity. LOL!

Am off to watch some more 'old' time shows. I sure hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
Certified Instructor since 2009

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