I haven't posted much here lately. I guess I just automatically put all of this on the "Life" page. So here goes with our latest 'day cay'.

World's Oldest Rodeo is not far from us in Prescott, AZ and after all of the years we have lived here we managed to go this year.

 We almost cancelled because of the Yarnell, AZ fire. 19 of our bravest Prescott Hot Shot firemen lost their lives the weekend before the rodeo and we weren't sure where the fire was. This 'riderless horse' is in tribute to the 19. You could have heard a pin drop as this horse was lead around the arena.

Of course I took a video of the opening parade and didn't get any of it. Some great riders and of course beautiful costumes!
After the parade the opening event was 'wild horse racing'. The objective was to catch your horse, saddle it then ride it. What a wild event!
Running to open the gates.
Trying to catch and saddle
Getting closer

As usual there was steer wrestling, bronc riding, tie down roping, saddle bronc riding, team roping, women's barrel racing and finally bull riding.

Steer wrestling 

Tie Down Roping

Saddle Bronc Riding     


Team Roping

Bull Riding

If you look real close
you can just see the cowboy's leg in the next photo.

8 seconds is a very long time to be on a bucking steer! Of 8 participants only 1 made it to 8 seconds. The others may have made it to 4.

They had a couple great acts also. One was 'The One Arm Bandit'- John Payne. He rode a mule and played with buffalo. We didn't know that buffalo could be trained. These big brutes rolled in the dirt when they first were released in the arena then jumped on the back of the truck that you see in the pictures and climbed on top of the trailer.

Rounding up the buffalo
Loading buffalo

Getting ready to unload

Final bow

The other act was exceptional . I love to see teams driven and have never seen this hitch variation. There were 5 horses, with 3 at the wagon and 2 singles in front. I have no idea how this man drove them, but what an amazing site to see. To learn more about the Diamond Z English Sire Horses click through to their web site.

First off he drove this team around the arena and did figure 8's.

Then he brought them to a standstill. You can see in this picture the 2 singles in front.

While the wagon didn't move at all he moved the team all the way to the left, brought them back to center then all the way to the right. Even as I watched this I couldn't believe it. What a site!

Then of course we had to go visit Big Nosed Kate while we were so close.

So all in all we had a great day!
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We had a great time at the Western Legends Round-up in Kanab this year. 
We went on both tours and these are from the Gunsmoke Tour. It is the 'village' that was built for the Gunsmoke show. They didn't use it very often because James Arness didn't like to go very far from home. 

This is the first house we saw on the "set".
This is the only occupants now.

We thought this might be the church. It had a basement and covered steps to get there.

This would be the view from one of the back windows in the houses.

This is the reason we go to these things. Carl gets to meet his childhood heros. Here he is with James Drury.

I may get back to posting more pics from our May trip yet. There were so many that it is hard to figure out the ones I need to post.
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It has been some time since I have added anything here. Not that we have gone many places, but we have taken short day trips just to get away.
Remember last year when I posted that Carl won a trip to Sea World in San Diego? Well, we finally booked the trip and had lots of fun. We did a 3 part vacation so I shall post it 3 different times. Way too much to talk about at once.
The first leg of the trip was spending time with Kelly and family in Fredonia, AZ. From there we went to Trebor's (really Robert) in Paso Robles, CA via Las Vegas, then on down to San Diego, CA by way of San Marcos, CA.

The first leg to Fredonia, AZ  started out being an uneventful trip until we hit the Kaiab. Then we were flagged down by a couple that were from France. After sign language and changes of word choices we found out that they had rented a car from a company that wasn't a chain and were having overheating problems. We couldn't believe that the car company had told them that it wasn't anything but the altitude when their car was over heating while they were in Flagstaff, AZ. They had started out from Las Vegas, NV.... So after climbing up into the Kaibab, they ended up without any water and a whole lot of engine problems. Thankfully another person that had a working cell phone stopped shortly after we did and we didn't have to go down into Fredonia to call a tow truck then take them back up on the Kaibab....
Then just after we left these folks we saw this...
There was a mama and her baby...

 Then we were able to watch the solar eclipse on the 20th. Boy, that was so cool! Of course you couldn't get any good pictures pointed right at the sun, but the ones we did get were cool.
This one is a reflection on a white camper trailer. As you can see on the left of the shadow it isn't clear. The shadows of the fingers looked like you had claws!

Then this one is just me standing. We couldn't believe the length of the shadows that the eclipse made.

 Here is a bunch of 'eclipses' that were on the boat in the yard.

Then this one is with a pinhole 'camera'.... we got several pictures this way and it was cool to watch the sun disappear.

Other than that we just hung out together and enjoyed each others company. One day I did manage to go for a ride on the kids 4 wheeler. That was a lot of fun and of course everybody laughed, including me!

Up next will be a short stop in Las Vegas and our time at Trebor's.

Until next time,


What a great week this has been. Carl and I took the week off from work and have been playing! We have visited the Natural History Museum in Mesa, AZ, Tombstone, AZ, Bisbee, AZ, Meteor Crater, AZ and went to the Temple in Mesa, AZ. 

This is what greeted us when we walked in the door at the Natural History Museum. Can you imagine these things roaming the earth? Very impressive! We were able to take 2 of our grandsons to this exhibit and we had fun!

I was a little disappointed in Tombstone's shops. All of the shops sold the same stuff with just a couple exceptions. I did find this cape that I really liked, but the price tag was way to high, so I took a picture to try and duplicate it. It was made of a light weight velvet or velveteen. I'm sure I have some of this lace around here somewhere!

Here is the shirt that Carl likes. I would have picked this one up, but the fabric is way to heavy and I know he would melt in it. I have the pattern so it won't be hard to make. I will just have to adjust the neckline of the front panel a little. 

We did enjoy the courthouse museum as usual. They have all kinds of memorabilia packed in that building. The floors creak when you walk on them and you can hear the echo of days gone by.
We ate at one of the restaurants on Allen Street and it was the best pulled pork sandwich I have eaten in some time! They had pictures hanging all over like most of the places do and this one caught my eye. I couldn't use a flash because of the reflection so it is a mite dark. 
It is of Doc Holliday and Big Nosed Kate. She is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Prescott, AZ. We visited her plot several years ago and have pictures somewhere with our oldest grandson.

Then of course I had to have a picture of my own cowboy. This is in the court house where they have a bar on display. I'm not sure what building it came out of, but they have a Faro table set up in that room too.

Then we went to Meteor Crater, AZ. What an awe inspiring place that is. It is the most well preserved meteor crater in the world. That's probably because it is in the back of beyond and you have to want to go there to go there LOL!

Here is Carl at the 'top of the world'. You can see for miles up there!

Here is the rest of what was once the first home then museum at the crater. There was a fire which took out the roof and the rest has been the wind. It can blow up to 100 miles an hour up there.... 

This is how close to the edge of the crater they built this place. 

This is a boiler on the very bottom of the crater. It is about 550 feet down to this spot. I didn't realize that there was a fence (just to the right of the boiler) around the mine hole that is close by.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Carl. He is standing on the edge of the crater. If you look real close you can see the dark spot in the middle of the picture and that is the boiler that is in the picture above. This is just something that you have to see to believe, right along with the Grand Canyon! 

Here is the root cellar for the ruined house. We couldn't go in because of erosion, but I was able to get a good shot of the door in the 2nd picture below.

This is the area near the boiler at the bottom of the crater. The boiler is to the left just out of the picture. Can you find the American flag with the astronaut standing next to it? The astronaut is 6 foot tall..... 
For those that can't see it the astronaut is just to the left of the flag and the flag is just about in the middle of the picture above on the right front corner of the fence.

Here is an up close version for those that can't find it.

This is one of the signs that posted on the road on the way in. Cute huh? 

 This is an abandoned windmill and  a still used corral. This is right across the road from the sign above.

This may be the house that went with the windmill.

I love these short trips. You get to sleep in your own bed each night and you can find everything that you need without searching in every bag that you brought with you. That isn't to say that I don't like to rough it in a hotel or motel once in awhile :o.

I haven't posted much in the vacation area since Mel was out last summer. We really haven't gone many places since so there wasn't much to post about. The beginning of this week Wayne and Florence started their cross country trip and they spent a night with us. I love it when family feel they can come and spend a night or two on their trip to other places. I'm not sure of all their plans, but pray for a safe trip. We only took a couple photos, but we had fun!


Good evening everybody! I decided I would get started posting some of the fun things we have been doing since my BIL, Mel arrived last Friday. Our first order of business was to go to a Diamondback baseball game. The surprising part of that was they WON!!! They played the Colorado Rockies. The section we were in was filled with people that work for IMS. IMS is the parent company of 100 physicians who have joined forces to combine payroll, human resources, billing and insurance that help to decrease these costs for individual offices.

This was the hitter that basically won the game. He drove in one run with a home run...... 

These guys were fun. They ran across the field then up into the stands. They are players that were on the Diamondback team in years past. 

Ashton was able to go with us and I just had to get this next picture.

Anybody that knows the Voorheis men know that you can tell they are related even from the back!

On Sunday we went to Coby's for a B-B-Q and both Mel and I forgot our cameras! Miss Mira did manage to get comfortable around 'Uncle Mel' and showed him how her Leap Frog game worked and what she was doing.

Monday was a lazy day with laundry and cleaning up around the house and of course working on Carl's western outfit. Today was 'Old Tucson' day. We went to Old Tucson and melted.... It was HOT with thunderstorms on the way home. 

Here are the brothers having to 'behave'.

Then they wanted to go to 'Rio Bravo' so I took this shot.

Do they look like old cowboys?

Here are both Mel and Carl's childhood 'heros' All the while we were there they were talking about the different shows. They talked about where they were when they watched the shows and the different things that happened during their childhood. You really can learn a lot just by listening!

Mel is getting a picture of Carl and I while I am getting a picture of him with the 'famous' Golden Gate peak behind him. This peak is in many of the western movies and shows that were filmed in Old Tucson.

This was the rain cloud that we watched for some time on our way home. We did get a little wet from this, but only a few drops. We kept crossing washes and I was wondering if at one of them we would have to stop because the wash was full. That is one experience that I never want to have, being stuck in a wash and having to be rescued!

Tomorrow we are headed to Fredonia to see Kelly and family. We are planning on stopping at Lee's Ferry, one of the 'sites' that is very interesting to me. Not much there, just rich with history.

Until next time, Sharon