Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goofing off again tonight!

Last weekend I was able to start working on Carl's shirt. Of course it isn't the same easy pattern I used last time..... I would have had it done if I hadn't had to re-work the whole thing. I guess the sizes on these patterns are a little small......... I sure hope the pants work out better, at least I made practice pair out of other material to check the fit. Time will tell. I was going to work on them today, but the sewing room was way to hot and I was just lazy. I'm lucky I managed to get the wash done (grin)....

I have been selling off some of the books I have collected over the years and never use. It is a slow and at times confusing process. I need to just post them on one site instead of getting in a rush and posting them on 2 different sites. Of course each one has a different set of rules and I sure am having a hard time keeping them straight. One you can't post more than 1 item in each category every 7 days, the other I can't find my listings easily. Just as long as I don't send the wrong book to the right person, or some such thing.......

Anybody interested in any of these? If so just drop me a line and I'll get back to you.

Quilting with the ladies at church this morning. I almost didn't go, but decided I had better so that I can at least get in a little service for this month. Then, on the way home I was thinking about digging out some of the blocks I have swapped over the last few years and putting together some lap quilts for Hospice of the Valley. Awhile ago Carl asked me if I would be interested in doing these types of quilts for people that are wheelchair bound. I have several blocks that are ready to be put together, just need the ambition to do them. I can't wait for the heat to go away. I can't take any walks or sit and dream in my sewing room. I don't want the year to hurry any quicker, just the heat. And, yes sister, it is a DRY heat!

Well, I guess I had better get to bed. Tomorrow is the last day for me to work this week and I need my beauty sleep LOL!

Happy Quilting, Sharon