Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As I sit here typing tonight I am listening to the 'boys' fly over. They are landing at the local Air Force Base. Some people around here complain about the noise, but I tell them 'thanks!' each time I hear them fly over. Their 'work' allows me to be able to say and do the things I want without looking over my shoulder...

Today was a good day. Got some house chores done then spent the rest of the day in my favorite room. I have lots of projects that I have started over the years (Yes, Julie I hear you about your dresses) and I pulled one of them out today and got it mostly done. I am trying to get a 'care package' together for my grand-daughters and this has been one idea that was put on the back burner before we moved. Now I think I shall get them done, at least as soon as I stop at Jo-Anns on my way home from work tomorrow :)... Can you believe with all of my stash I wasn't able to find what I needed???? Yeah, go figure...

My plans were to get some thing photographed so I could update my Artfire site. Well, that got waylaid again... My photos are ok, but I really want to get better at taking them. 

I also put some more of my pictures up on our walls. As I have emptied boxes and found pictures I put them aside so I could plan where I wanted them hung. The sad part is that thinking about them doesn't get them up on the wall.... I started using those Command strips and they work great! No holes in the wall and if I put them in the wrong spot, easy to move! I started using them in the Sun City house because the outside walls were block and there was no way I could use nails there. Now that there is more stuff on the walls it makes it more 'homey'.... 

Now, I am headed to bed. I hope everybody has a great day tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" 
Certified Instructor since 2009

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