Monday, August 24, 2009

Goings on Past and Present

It is funny how many things can go on during a short week or two. Last week on Monday it seemed like a regular start to another regular week. Boy, was I ever WRONG!!! Monday was fine, I spent it in the sewing room. I don't remember what it was I accomplished at this point, but I did accomplish something. On Tuesday it started out as any other Tuesday except my DH went off to the doctor's office to see what they could do about a pain in his belly. They found out what they needed to do and we then went off to the emergency room about 2 PM. Now the wait begins. About 8 hours later they let us know that 1) he has an umbilical hernia which needs surgery and 2) he has an 11 mm kidney stone just above the bladder with an slightly inflamed kidney. The kidney stone was a surprise, but the hernia just decided to start bothering him after he pulled a client up in bed on Monday. So off we go to a room 'upstairs' so he can go into surgery 'probably' tomorrow. On Wednesday he calls me and tells me that he will go into surgery at 2PM for umbilical repair and a stint for the kidney stone. The surgery went just fine and now he is home for awhile. This time he is on a restricted 15 pound weight limit for 6 weeks. With his work 15 pounds means he can't even deliver supplies to clients so that means he will be spending time in the office again. The girls down there are going to love having him around!!
The good news about all of this is, I am getting a new man!!! Now, all I have to do is keep up with him.

Here are the last few pictures I am going to post from our visit to NY. We really had fun taking the kids to the Alpaca Farm. Carl took some neat pictures. Here they are:

This is Maddi being brave and feeding the Alpacas that were in the barn. Boy, we sure learned alot about Alpacas that day.

Here is Ella feeding the Alpacas in the barn. This kid is fearless around animals when she gets use to seeing them!

Here are a couple year old Alpacas that the owners wanted to get use to being around people. They fenced them in the yard so that whoever came to visit could be up close and they couldn't run to the other side of the pasture. They still managed to get far enough away that the girls couldn't pet them.

This is a picture that I really like. I just wish Maddi had been in it too. This is the 3 day old cria that the owners brought out from the pasture. You can't see it, but Mama is crying on the other side of the fence wondering what we are doing with her baby. This little one was so very soft and his coat is going to make great yarn. The more it has 'crinkles' in it the better quality of yarn it makes. That's just one of the 'tidbits' we learned that day.

Now I am off to get some training done so that I can go to work giving flu injections next month. That will be fun!!

I'll post a few more wedding pictures the next time I get on. I just have to get them into my albums first!!!

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good evening all!!

I finally downloaded all of my photos from our trip to NY. We had so much fun being Grandma and Pa to Julie's kids. I'm not sure who tired whom out, but we had fun. I think the best part about being around them was their sweet spirits (yes, Julie your girls!!). We took out a couple CD's of kids songs that we played while traveling. What sweet voices the girls had. They each had a favorite and of course they were on different discs!

We went to the Lolly Pop Farm which is an ASPCA facility that has all kinds of animals. We thought there was a petting zoo, but the goats and sheep didn't want to be petted. Never fear, the horses wanted to be fed so the fearless girls made sure they had a snack or two.

Inside the building where they have the cats, dogs, goats, sheep, birds and rabbits is this mosaic horse. Of course the girls had to ham it up around it.

This was the entrance to the 'petting zoo'.

The only animals in the petting zoo were goats and sheep and they sure didn't want to make friends!

These horses didn't bite and were real friendly.

This guy was camera shy. It is a Llama inside a barn. Every time I lifted my camera it decided to step back inside. The markings on this animal were so cool. The right side of the face and left front legs were white and the left side of the face and right front legs were black. I just wish the snot would have been bolder and shown off a little bit for me......

The girls are fearless around horses and ran right up, pulled grass and fed them. We had to practically beg them to go to McDonald's with us to get them to leave.

These are 2 of my favorite pictures of my girls. We were waiting for every one to show up for the wedding rehearsal so we played on the park equipment. They didn't slow down for anyone or anything that night.

I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend with our granddaughters. I hope we were able to make some special memories together. Now, I just wish they'd talk to me on the phone!!! Can you imagine girls NOT wanting to talk on the phone??? Yeah, me either. I have a feeling that when they do get the phone bug Mom and Dad will have to have another phone line put in.........

Never fear I have more, but, alas, it is bedtime. Maybe one day I'll be able to download pictures on here without it being a major task.