Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another concert at Loretta Lynn's Ranch!

On our anniversary we went to see Loretta Lynn at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. Then when Lissa was here in July we did the tours which were fantastic. Lissa and I spent a lot of time in the museum. This concert was a 'sister' concert with Crystal Gayle. Peggy Sue was there too, which was a nice addition. 

Here is Loretta's bus. We didn't realize last concert that this was out back of the stage. To the left of Loretta's bus was Crystal's, but it wasn't a clear picture so I didn't take one of it. 

Crystal came on first. Great show.

Peggy Sue and Crystal.

Loretta, of course!

Crystal's hair. It is just a mite shorter now. It goes just past her knees instead of to the floor.

Peggy Sue, Loretta and Crystal.

Loretta and Crystal.

I really love going to these concerts. It just amazes me the strength of the voices of these ladies. Loretta is 83, Peggy Sue is 72 and Crystal is 64. They just knock you out of your seats when they sing.

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