Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday July 1st!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Can you believe that the first half of the year 2012 is gone? After reviewing what I have accomplished the first half of this year, I realized that I have gotten several quilts completely done and a few more that were hanging around done and of course gotten several more things half done.... Of course there was work in there too and a vacation or 2, let's not forget the housework and laundry that is never completely finished. Now I need to get ideas for Christmas started for the grandkids. I have a couple ideas floating around in the brain, now just to get them started and finished.

This past weekend I went and had a pedicure. Boy, was that sure nice! Here are the toes in a favorite pair of shoes. I just love funky shoes, but usually stay with more conservative colors and designs, but Carl told me I needed to get these. At first I was worried about what they would go with, but I found a couple outfits in my closet that they look great with....

What is everybody doing for July 4th? We are going to a breakfast at church early in the AM. Not sure what else we are going to do at this point except enjoy the day. It says that we are going to have cooler temps that day, but we shall see. I usually do the housework on Wednesday, but will put that off until next week. We shall have family here for the weekend and it is impossible to do any of that stuff while others are underfoot. It's bad enough trying to get it done when Carl is in the house. Now I am glad that I got the floors and bathrooms cleaned up yesterday while Carl was working on my car. That will have to last for 2 weeks instead of 1....
I am heading over to the 'quilting' tab to add in my most recent quilt. Go on over and check it out!
Until next time, 

Happy Quilting, Sharon
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