Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good evening.......

I know, I know I haven't posted in some time.... What can I say, but that I have been busy. Busy doing what, you may ask.... You can ask, I may not tell :).... but what am I doing here if I don't want to tell.... LOL!  I have to admit that I have been reading way to many books of late. I just LOVE my Kindle Fire and it does get me into more trouble than I really want to admit. I try really hard to stay away from it, but then I just want to read a few 'pages' and it turns into the whole book. It really shouldn't surprise me because I have always been like that with my books.

What else have I been up to? Well, I did manage to get another quilt done. I have even managed to play in my quilting software (EQ 6). I want to learn all there is to do in the program so I can design my own quilts. Of course I have been going to work, but that is a given anyways.

The 4th of July week Kelly and the kids were here for a few days, so that kept us busy. Of course the morning of the 4th we had a church breakfast to go to and then later in the day we were invited for supper at a friend's house. For a 'day off' it sure was busy!

When I was a kid and my sister had to get me up for school and make sure I was 'properly' dressed. We had several 'conversations' about what 'proper' meant. LOL! The conversation went something like this....
Sister Lissa, 'You can't wear stripes and plaids together!'.
Me, 'Why not? The colors match!'..... LOL!!! Can you guess who won? No, it wasn't sister Lissa..... So this picture is for you sis and yes the colors do match....

The next couple of pictures are the view of the White Tank mountains as I drive to work. The moon in this one was really cool.

This is a view of the clouds and the shadows on the mountains. It always amazes me to see the shadows on the ground out here. In NY you couldn't see the shadow on the ground because the ground was on the other side of the hill....

I forgot that we went to Cerreto's Candy factory for a tour with Kelly & son... I always wondered how they got the chocolate on the bottom of the candies or cookies and then on the top. It is just a specialized conveyor belt like I worked on when building typewriters at Smith Corona. They coat the bottom first, then pour the chocolate over the top, then drizzle dark chocolate by hand, cool, and then load on trays to go to the packer.
The ones on the left are getting dragged over the chocolate and the ones on the right have already been coated.

This is where the chocolate is poured over the top. In the reflection you can see the cookies. Not a drop of chocolate is wasted getting these cookies coated. 

Here is the person that decorates the cookies with the dark chocolate just before it goes into the cooling tunnel.

Here is the final product.  This is also the same type of conveyor belt that is seen in the 'I Love Lucy' show where Lucy & her friend are working and end up eating the cookies.

That was a great 'free' tour. The goodies that they have for sale make the 'free' tour not so 'free', but it could be if you could leave your sweet tooth at home....

Until next time,

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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