Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun the past week or so~~~~

Lots has been going on since the last post. 
First I have to say congratulations to Lee and Tango for winning the 10,000 posts! I'm sorry I didn't get back on sooner to let you both know! I will notify you with through your links in case you don't come visit in the next couple of days!

Next, is a picture of my view when I am driving to our Goodyear office. I try to look at the mountains each morning because they tell me what type of complaints I will be getting from my patients during the day. As you can see it is pretty clear on this trip and the symptom complaints were minimal.

Now this picture tells a different story! We went out to supper tonight and this is what we walk out into when we left the restaurant. Not a pretty site that is for sure!

Only 2 of us in the Glendale office dressed up for Halloween. It wasn't planned that we both were cowgirls either!

On Saturday we went to see the Arizona Symphony with Kenny Rogers. Carl wins neat stuff from work every once in awhile and these tickets were the BEST! I have never heard a symphony live before and they were great! It amazed me watching the conductor the way he used his whole body to let the orchestra know just want he wanted from them. So cool!

Then Kenny Rogers came on stage....... He may be up there in years, but boy can he still sing the songs. Great performer and a great show.

While I am here posting I will go on over to the 'Spiritual Side' and post the last pics of the Temple that I took 2 weeks ago. I have to confess that I have not been up there since and I'm not sure if we will make it up there this weekend or not. Both Carl & I have felt the effects of the dust storm tonight. Grit in the mouth, sinus pressure, ear pressure, sneezing and of course the usual cough. The worst part of these storms is that it kicks up the fungi that causes Valley Fever. I don't want to get that, but you can't avoid it when this wind is carrying all of this dust. We'll just have to watch each other for the next few weeks for the usual flu symptoms and get to the doc. This stuff hangs on and you have to have a long course of antibiotics to take care of it. I think this is one of the down sides of living in the 'Valley of the Sun'.... 
I guess I could have been in NY snowed in this past weekend.... at least here I'm not cold.... LOL!

Until next time

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  1. How fun but dont get sick! here is MI its a chilly fall. Thanks for the giveaway and I am one of the winners? I cant believe it! thanks very much!