The latest donation quilts for Hospice of the Valley. This material we picked up some time ago. Carl wanted material specifically for male clients and of course the western theme fit the bill. One has barbed wire all over it, another has running horses and the other has multiple western horses, wagons and ropes. I put flannel on the back of each so that they would be warmer and hopefully stay put easier too. Carl dropped them off on Wednesday this week and one of the volunteers was looking for a quilt for a 'cowboy' client. It is so great to be able to practice different quilt designs on 'Mr. Stretch' and not feel I am wasting fabric, batting and thread. 


I managed to get a few lap quilts done for Hospice of the Valley recently. This pattern is so very easy and I shall be making more of these. These were made with some flannel I had in my stash. They end up being about 35 X 41 inches, just the right size to cover the legs while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

I used blocks that I swapped with other quilters across the United States and flannel on the back. The quilting was done practicing different quilting designs on my new 'toy'. Boy, do I love my new 'toy'! I was able to quilt 2 of these lap quilts at once, one after another without loading a new backing. My favorite quilting pattern is the triple circles.  I am sure that I will be using this pattern to quilt more of my creations.

On the frame.

Lap quilt # 1 with loopies.

Up close of loopies on lap quilt # 1.

Lap quilt # 2 with triple circles.

Triple circles close up.

                Lap quilt # 3 with 5 petal flowers.

Up close of flowers.  

Lap quilt # 4 with meander or large stipple

Up close of meander or large stipple..

Labels on these quilts.  

Labels say:
Donated to Hospice of the Valley
In memory of Elizabeth Wager, Joe Garrett,
Lyle and Myrtle Voorheis and Carl and Grace Morgan
From Coyote Quilts & Specialties

I delivered them to Hospice of the Valley on February 2, 2011 and Carl told me they were spoken for almost before I left the building. I am so glad they will be loved.

Happy Quilting!