Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Today we were challenged at church to write in a journal for future generations. I don't keep a journal, but that is why I started this blog. When I think of those that came before me in my family my first question is usually, "What did they do for a living?" I have a lot of family stories from my mother's side of the family, but little from my father's. We were always getting together with mom's family, but my dad only had 1 sister and we didn't have 'family dinners' with her and her family. The only time we really got together with them was when there was a funeral, wedding or graduation in the family. Not many stories were told about past members of the family during those times.

Sundays use to be one of the busiest days for mom and I when I was a teen. Sundays usually meant that family was coming over for "Sunday Dinner". From my memory banks "Sunday Dinner" meant either spagetti or roast beef on the table. I can't remember what else was a 'usual' meal. It was always chaos when the families would arrive. We had between 5-20 extra people in the house for that meal almost every Sunday. Sister, brothers, spouses and of course who could forget the 'kids', which were my nephews and nieces. I was the official babysitter after everybody arrived. Not every Sunday went smooth, but nobody killed anybody and I was always very thankful when the noise level returned to normal. I don't know how my mother managed to sleep in on those days with all the work she had to do to get ready for everybody. I guess it helped a lot when 'dinner' wasn't until 2 PM and she always had part of the dinner done the day before. She had making a huge meal down to a fine art I think. I remember one Sunday morning before everybody showed up asking her to teach me how she made spaghetti sauce. She said she was to busy, so after I was married the first time I learned how to do it by using the recipe on the back of the Muller's lasagna box. I still don't know how she managed to get her spaghetti sauce to taste so good. I do know that she used Ragu sauce as her base then added 'stuff' to it.... We never had garlic bread, but plain bread and butter with the bread being sliced Italian. The 'kids' sat at the kitchen table and the 'adults' sat at the dining room table. I guess I was 'adult' enough because I don't ever remember sitting in the kitchen. I can hear my sisters saying, 'That was because you were spoiled!'. Yep, they'd be right LOL! Then they'd have to admit that they helped! Of course there was all kinds of yelling back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room before everybody was quiet from stuffing their faces. Mom was always the last to sit down, but always managed to be the first one done. She would get the meal together and then all of us 'girls' had clean up duty. I remember one time we managed to talk the 'boys' into doing clean up. That didn't happen very often. Mostly the 'boys' sat in the living room watching the current ball game yelling at the TV, head shaking and feet stomping at the 'idiot' thing that was done.... I think it is an universal thing for 'boys' to yell at the TV during sports :).... Sometimes the 'adults' would sit around and play cards. If there weren't any 'kids' around for me to watch I usually sat around the table and listened to the stories. That was one of the best times for me. The 'bestest' time for me was when everybody left and there was peace and quiet in the house again.

By the time I graduated from high school all of the 'kids' were doing other things and there were fewer "Sunday Dinners" at grandma's. I don't know how many "Sunday Dinners" the rest of my brother and sisters have with their families now, but I know I have few. With my kids scattered all over the United States it's hard to have a family get together on a regular basis. That is why I started this blog, to pass down the stories and happening that my family doesn't hear at the 'Sunday Dinner' table.....

Happy Quilting, Sharon
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Thursday, November 24, 2011


My wish to all of you is to have a peaceful Thanksgiving this year. 
The memories that your friends and family will take with them though the years will not be your clean house or perfect meal, but the conversation and the love that is shared this day. In that way the day will always be perfect even if the rolls aren't cooked, or forgotten in the oven, or that the kids spilled milk all over the table. 
Take the time to enjoy each other and to make memories to share with future generations. 

For those that get my posts in the e-mail you can get to my "My Spiritual Side" and "Quilting World" through the links embedded in the words.

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Turkey Week!

Boy, I can't believe I haven't been here since the beginning of the month! I sure have been busy otherwise! 

First off we have rented a new place! It is twice the size of the place we are in and I shall have a single room just for my machines and 'stuff'! Yippee! This new place also has a pantry! Not very big, but much bigger than the one we don't have now :).... 4 bedrooms, an eat in kitchen, family room and living room with a 2 car garage.... We shall be in room heaven! 

The next thing I noticed was my visitor counter has gone haywire! I don't think that I have had 447587 visitors~~~~ I just had a giveaway for the 10,000 visitor... I think I just may need to correct that number. I wish I had that many visitors, but lets get real here..

I finally managed to get to the Temple site this weekend. Oh my! We have great progress so you must go on over to 'My Spiritual Side' and check it out.

I also set up at a craft fair this past Saturday. It was a nice day--a little cool, but not to much. I did a decent job of selling little things, towels and wine vests were the main sellers. I guess I need to get more of them up on Artfire and have on hand for other craft fairs. I won't be doing any more this year because of the move. I am going to have a hard enough time getting any extra gifts done as it is. As usual I am procrastinating....

Well, I am off to 'My Spiritual Side' for awhile. Thanks for visiting and come back often.

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun the past week or so~~~~

Lots has been going on since the last post. 
First I have to say congratulations to Lee and Tango for winning the 10,000 posts! I'm sorry I didn't get back on sooner to let you both know! I will notify you with through your links in case you don't come visit in the next couple of days!

Next, is a picture of my view when I am driving to our Goodyear office. I try to look at the mountains each morning because they tell me what type of complaints I will be getting from my patients during the day. As you can see it is pretty clear on this trip and the symptom complaints were minimal.

Now this picture tells a different story! We went out to supper tonight and this is what we walk out into when we left the restaurant. Not a pretty site that is for sure!

Only 2 of us in the Glendale office dressed up for Halloween. It wasn't planned that we both were cowgirls either!

On Saturday we went to see the Arizona Symphony with Kenny Rogers. Carl wins neat stuff from work every once in awhile and these tickets were the BEST! I have never heard a symphony live before and they were great! It amazed me watching the conductor the way he used his whole body to let the orchestra know just want he wanted from them. So cool!

Then Kenny Rogers came on stage....... He may be up there in years, but boy can he still sing the songs. Great performer and a great show.

While I am here posting I will go on over to the 'Spiritual Side' and post the last pics of the Temple that I took 2 weeks ago. I have to confess that I have not been up there since and I'm not sure if we will make it up there this weekend or not. Both Carl & I have felt the effects of the dust storm tonight. Grit in the mouth, sinus pressure, ear pressure, sneezing and of course the usual cough. The worst part of these storms is that it kicks up the fungi that causes Valley Fever. I don't want to get that, but you can't avoid it when this wind is carrying all of this dust. We'll just have to watch each other for the next few weeks for the usual flu symptoms and get to the doc. This stuff hangs on and you have to have a long course of antibiotics to take care of it. I think this is one of the down sides of living in the 'Valley of the Sun'.... 
I guess I could have been in NY snowed in this past weekend.... at least here I'm not cold.... LOL!

Until next time

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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