Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The beginning of another year for me.....

This past Saturday was my umf, gulp, snort birthday. My DH took me to Jerome, AZ for the day and we had a great time. I just wish that Jerome was more of a ghost town than it is. I couldn't believe how much it has grown since the last visit. It seemed as though every building was occupied and  while talking with a gal in her shop she said she waited years to get a shop up there. I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without so came down off the hill without anything for myself. I was amazed that I didn't see any quilting products up there, not even in the antique stores.

After we hit bottom we found a great little 'local quilt shop' better known as LQS. Yep, we stopped----of course! I found some fabulous Laural Birch fabrics. I was going to post a pic, but the camera is in the car which is downtown Phoenix right now.... Laural Birch was a fabric designer that designed whimsical animals in bright colors. This pattern is very subdued in color for her, but the same famous design that happens to be horses. After I picked out the patterns I liked I decided what I wanted to do with them on the way home! Now, I can't wait to get them done! I will just have to wait a bit 'cause I have other things on the 'to do' list ahead of this!

Last stop up in the mountains was on the cross roads of I-17 and the road to Clarkdale. I didn't realize that there was a shop in the building with the Shell gas station that we stop at for a pit stop. I found 2 beautiful turquoise rings that I fell in love with! Every where we go I look at the jewelry, but usually with the price of silver so high I just drool, but this time I danced a little dance all the way home. I will definitely remember this little shop now!

Sunday we went to our old building for church. It felt like old home day! I had to chuckle because Carl has always had to wait for me to finish talking to go home and this past Sunday I had to wait for him! It was great to see friends and have a chat.

Well folks, I am off for tonight. Gotta' finish some stuff before DH gets home from his Spanish class.
I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009