Monday, July 6, 2009

Almost at the end

of our visit. It sure has been filled with going to and fro. Last week it was about the wedding. The wedding was in Auburn, the dress was in Groton, the girls hair was done in Groton, and the tuxes were in Cortland. That was some running that was done. The wedding was good, of course there were some things that didn't go as planned, but the marriage license is signed and they are married. The next week is about the girls. So far we have had fun at an Alpaca farm and visiting different places. The Alpaca farm was lots of fun. There were 5 of us that went to see the Alpacas. My sister and her husband had never been to an Alpaca farm so we dragged them along with us. We fed the Alpacas and Llamas and learned lots of 'stuff' about them. At first it was kinda' scary feeding them, but they eat just like a horse. You have to keep your hand flat and they just pick up what you have laying in your hand and chow down. We were even able to get up close and pet a new born cria. He was only 3 days old and didn't have a name yet. Boy, was he ever cute!!! We also were able to see the chickens, peacock, rabbits and of course the 'barn cat'! Tomorrow it is off to the Lollypop Farm to a petting zoo! As soon as I am able to down load my pictures and bore you with them........

Happy Quilting,

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