Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whirlwind trip to NY

Good evening all!! Well, I have finally found a few minutes to be able to post some of the pictures that I have downloaded already. The wedding was at Emerson Park in Auburn. I'm not sure if Julie realized it or not, but my side of the family lived and worked in and around Auburn most of their lives. My mother worked in a local shoe factory that closed long before I was born.

Here Julie is getting ready for the big day, discussing what needs to be done when, while her sister Kelly and friend Bethany look on.

Jim and Julie were married in the evening and here she is getting a picture with 'the girls'. They were so proud to be able to be in their Mom and Dad's wedding and were sooooo good.

Ella and Maddi were so proud to walk down the isle in front of Mom with their brother Tanner. They each had baskets of rose petal to 'throw' on the walkway. Afterward Maddi came up to me and said, "Gramma, I still have some left, Ella threw hers all away!" What a hoot.

Here the beautiful bride is walking down the isle with her Dad. It was just about here that Julie started crying. I didn't cry until later.

Here is Jim waiting patiently for Julie. This moment has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.


Julie had a memorial of her Grandmother Wager just outside the receptions doors. I was not aware of it until about half way through the reception. Now, this is when I started to cry.

Just knowing that she wanted to have her Grandmother be a part of her wedding when she has been gone from this earth since 1986 touched my heart.

Now it's time to get 'the girls' home and to bed. It is getting late, but how do you get 2 girls that want to party to leave?? Well, they decided that they should have a photo shoot on the way to the car.

They told Pa what pictures to take and posed themselves at different places. Best exit ever thought of! The first is going down the stairs on the first leg of going home.

The next stop was at a sign in the side yard to lean against just so.

The final shot was when Gramma met up with them at the car. We were all pooped, but were in great spirits. Now we are off to our next adventure.

These are just a few pictures I was able to get with my camera. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures that Kelly and the photographer took.

We had 4 days taking care of 'the girls' while Mom and Dad did their honeymoon in Hawaii. Just like Mom and Dad we had a vacation too. We went to an Alpaca Farm, the Lolly Pop Farm and of course swim lessons!! I'll be back to bore you with more pictures when time permits.

Jim, Julie, Tanner, Ella and Maddi------- I love you guys!!!

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