Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad News/Good News

Morning all!!! It sure has been a busy couple weeks since I posted last time.

First, I managed to get a quilt top done and get all of my block swap obligations done. Then the world almost fell out from underneath me.

My husband, Carl, needed to go to the MD for a heart catherization on the 21st of April. We didn't expect anything big to go on with this test. We sure found out that we thought wrong!!! After he had the test done the doc told him, 'we're going to cut you open' and he told me he needs heart bypass surgery, 'in the next couple of days'. He had 4 arteries that were 90% blocked!!Talk about a surprise!!! So, off we go to Boswell Hospital to have Carl admitted for surgery. So, on Wednesday morning off he goes to surgery for the next 4 hours with me sitting reading and praying. I saw him for a couple minutes after he was settled in his room after surgery then I came home for awhile to let the staff do what needed to be done without me under foot. I returned that night after the vent was removed and he was sitting up in a chair. I don't think he remembered much about that night, but he was doing real well. Each day he was in the hospital we saw improvements and there was another heart patient that decided that Carl was his inspiration. Carl spent 4 nights in ICU and 2 nights on the regular floor. The last couple nights he had heartburn real bad and really didn't want to eat much, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to come home if he didn't. So, finally on the 27th of April we came home. I'm not sure if he slept any better in his own bed last night or not. I do know he was sound asleep when I went to bed & I woke up about midnight and he was out and about. He is taking it easy and following all of the doctors instructions. Neither one of us want him to have to go back into the hospital because he pushed to far to fast. Now we are on to the next step of the 'bump' in our road. Getting all the appointments set up & making arrangements to get him there. 2 down 1 to go.....

Thanks to all for all the prayers, well wishes and answered calls for help given to us through this time. It has been amazing to me the blessings Heavenly Father has given us through all of this. He has been giving us inspirations over the past 3 or 4 years in preparation for this 'bump' so that we could keep our heads afloat. I am so glad we were able to hear the whisperings of the Spirit and acted on them.

On to our next 'bump',

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good afternoon all!!! I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted anything. It doesn't surprise me though, 'cause I have been busy, busy, busy. I have finished 2 'Star' sampler quilts, made and mailed off 2 different blocks for my swaps, made 8 blocks for another swap, readied them for mailing, and started blocks for a quilt for our king sized bed and attended another class with Kaye Wood. She is so much fun and I can't wait for her to come back to the valley so I can take another class from her. This class certified me to teach quilting with her Starmaker 8 ruler.

I am not going to add all the housework I did NOT do...... I know my floors need attention, but they will just get dirty again... I at least found out what was wrong with my steam cleaner. I had a new switch put in when we moved in up here, but it wouldn't steam. Well, the switch that was put in wasn't high enough when the button was pushed to actually turn the foolish thing on. Now I just need enough ambition to put it to work. It will make cleaning these tile floors much easier. My darling husband has been doing the mopping for the last few months for me because it was such a chore.

We have finally settled with the insurance company about the auto accident. It was a fight to get them to understand that the van we were in was not just a conversion van, but had A LOT of extra work done on it. After we found out the magic words to tell them it went much better. Can you imagine the words 'dropped floor' with wheel chair ramp worked much better than 'handicapped van'. We would have gotten this taken care of a long time ago if we had known the 'magic' works!!

We have our tickets for Julie's wedding. We got a smoking deal on ticket into Ithaca, (which for those that don't know where that is) is about 20 miles from where we need to be. Usually we fly into Buffalo which is about 150 miles from where we need to be. I am starting to get excited about seeing the 'girls'. I received a flyer from Jo-Anns Etc today and found lots of things to do with them while Mom & Dad are out having fun. I am going to wait to pick up any of my ideas until we get there because we have to pay extra for our baggage. I sure don't want to have to pay the second bag fee just because I have lots of 'stuff' I want to do with them. I have a few other things I want to do while I am there, but I'll have to wait to see if I have time to do everything. At least it is just visiting family because we don't need to visit sights because we lived there for so long.

We had a quiet weekend this past weekend. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 179th annual conference was aired on TV. Some great messages and warnings were given. Concerns about the state of finances and readiness for other disasters were talked about with good counsel for all to take to heart. Then yesterday Carl and I were set apart for our calling. We are 'Baptism Clothing Coordinators for the Peoria North Stake'. We will be opening the Chapel for the monthly Stake Baptisms, making sure that everyone that is getting baptised has the right outfit and then wash it afterwards.

Tomorrow is Ella's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Ella!!!! I hope you have a great day. I can't believe the number of years that have gone by since she was born....... It just seems like yesterday! Well, it seems only yesterday that Julie was born, so I guess I AM getting OLD!!!

Talk about old---Coby's birthday is TODAY!!!! He is a young, 36!!! Yes, I had to do the math for that one. I am lucky I can remember the year he was born to DO the math~~~~

Well, I am off to fix supper. Yes, you read right, me cooking----NOT, just salad for Judy & me. I think I can handle that.

Happy Quilting,