Monday, February 2, 2009

February started with a bang!!!

Here I am sitting at my computer when I should be in bed sound asleep. I WAS in bed, but the brain just would NOT shut down!!! Yesterday was quiet and very nice. Great day at church and the testimonies were very spirit filled.

Today was different, boy was it different. The class I took in January was with Kaye Wood, quilter, jokester, and all around great person. Today I went to her seminar and trunk show at Pueblo El Mirage RV resort. What a great day it was. Kay presented me with my certificate as one of her certified instructors for 'Quilting the Kaye Wood Way', I helped show off her amazing quilts, met up with a friend I met through a quilting forum, and re-connected with another quilter who also embroiders. It was a fun packed day. I, of course, did not think to take my camera, but I sure did manage to get all the items on my 'want' list. I am very tired, but can not manage to get my brain to shut down. There are too many ideas going around and I want to jump right into them RIGHT NOW!!! That, of course is impossible. I really need to keep to my 'goals' and get a couple more things done before I jump into the ideas going around in my head tonight.

First I have to finish a grandson's quilt & get all that stuff in the mail. Second I need to do the quilt that has been waiting since before Christmas to be done. It is one that is going on my site when it is finished. I picked up the last of the fabric for the top this past weekend so there is no reason to put off getting it done. Also, I need to finish up the blocks for my calendar block swap because they need to be in the mail by the end of the month. I did get the fabric washed & ironed Saturday, so that part is done. Then I want to get another of my UFO's done. I am now going to call them PHD's which (if I remember correctly) means 'Projects Half Done'.... Sounds better than UFO's.

I just may be able to go to sleep now. Staring at the computer screen can do that to a person....

Happy quiliting,

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