Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last week of April 2011

It is the last week of April. How fast the days go by! Today was the first day that I really did a lot of sewing/quilting. We have a Schlep Bag swap on MQB and I completed the one I started the beginning of the week and managed to get a second one done. I want to do a tutorial on this bag, but am waiting for permission before I post it. 

My heart goes out to everybody that is in the path of the tornadoes. I can't imagine the terror of having one of these storms coming my way. For us out here the weather has been great. A little windy, but cooler than normal. We have the doors and windows open during the evening and it is quite pleasant. 

I am trying to get a few tomatoes to grow. I do not have a very good green thumb, but these upside down 'pots' work great for me. We have 3 of them hanging out front with 2 different types of tomatoes planted. These pictures were taken at the same time that Wayne and Florence were here just 10 days ago and they have doubled in size. They all have lots of buds, so I am hopeful that we will get a few tomatoes. 

Second 'pot' of tomatoes. 

Another trip to an estate sale this AM. The ad said they had a Brother sewing machine and I hoped that there would be other sewing stuff--you know the fabric kind :) No such luck though, but I did get a few little sewing things. I am collecting things to put in my pink sewing case so I can be ready to go to any class without forgetting things. I picked up a cutting mat a month or so ago and cut that down to fit in the case. I just need to get another rotary cutter and I will have all my basic items all packed up with my Featherweight, Ms. Gem.

Have a great week everybody. As for me I am off to bed, work comes way to early!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009


  1. I've wondered how well those upside down tomato things work. Do they dry out pretty easily?

  2. Deb, I have bottles of water that I use to water these. I dump at least 1 bottle of water (16-32 ounces)a day and if it is real windy I add 2-one in the AM and one in the PM. I like to have some of the water drip out that way I know the plants are wet enough, but not drowning. You have to understand I have a 'black' thumb when it comes to growing things, but I do okay with these planters. Last year I used one and the only problem I had was I planted to late and fried the plants. This year I started much earlier so hope to get more tomatoes. We shall see.