Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loading quilt frame

For those that wonder what I am talking about when I say, 'I am loading a quilt' here is a pictorial.

The first thing I do is to baste the backing to the leaders then I load it on the quilt frame. The leaders are fabric that attaches the quilt back or top to the bars on the quilt frame. Some frames have round bars, but this one has square bars.

In the first picture it shows the leader over the front bar and the 'cover' bar I use to hold the leader to the bar so it won't twist when I am quilting.

The second picture is the 'cover' bar on.

The third picture is starting to roll the backing onto the quilt frame.

The forth picture is the backing almost completely on the frame.

I then did the same thing to the back bar with the other leader.

The fifth picture is the backing ready to lay the batting and quilt top on so I can quilt a quilt.

It seems to take some time for some, but this one with the pictures took me only 15 minutes. That's not bad for being the 5th one I have started since getting this frame. Before I had to push my quilts through my regular sewing machine by hand. I am much better with my meander on this than I was doing it the other way. I need to get good enough to do repeat designs instead of meanders. For now though I can get a small quilt done in about 4 hours instead of a day or two.

It is so much more fun to quilt my creations now.

Happy Quilting,

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