Monday, September 6, 2010

Time with my brother-in-law, Melvin

I have covered the Diamondbacks game and our trip to Tucson, so all that is left of Mel's visit is the Western Film Festival, visit with Kelly & family, visit with Wayne & part of his family. We also hit Pipe Springs National Monument Park, but didn't get any photos of the Mel and Carl there.

 Lee's Ferry Stone

Brothers crossing the old bridge over Lee's Ferry area.
                              Cool dudes?

Colorado River close to the site of Lee's Ferry

A glimpse of the 'Stars' we traveled so far to see!

Waiting in line to have 'Breakfast with the Stars'.                      
                          Ferocious brothers?

Meeting the 'Stars' with Foster. Bridget Hanley and Lee Merriweather. 

                     Happy brothers?

Brian holding Cyrus, Carl, Ed Faulkner, Foster and the back of Bridget Haley's head.


                                 Kelly, Cyrus and Foster

    Yolanda, Florence, and Jacynthia

All of the Brothers!
Mel, Wayne and Carl

As you can see we had some fun and enjoyed visiting with family.

Happy Quilting, Sharon

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