Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good evening all! What a great weekend this has been. I have accomplished a couple things that have been on the 'to do' list for a long time. Some time ago a member of the church asked me to help her with a project and brought me the supplies to make her a couple 'Temple Bags'. Well, I managed to get one done right away and since then have dragged my feet. One thing or another got in the way as well as my ambition. I have also been working on the wine bottle shirts for the craft fair this November, so that helped get me motivated again. I decided I had better get the 'Temple Bag' done and out of the way BEFORE I went on to the next 'want and need to do' on the list.

"Path of Light" by Kaye Wood

About a month or less ago I read on Kaye's newsletter that they wanted several someones to test out the pattern, "Path of Light" and write a review on their blog. This pattern uses one of her special 'Starmaker' rulers. The magic of her 'Starmaker' rulers is that with 3 rulers you have every angle known to quilting and you can use them on all different patterns and you won't have to buy a hundred zillion rulers for each quilt you want to make. A picture of the pattern from Kaye's site and directions is above and when you look at it you may think, "Oh, that is sooooo complicated!" Well, folks, I am here to tell you different! As with all of Kaye's patterns it just looks complicated, but is very easy to do. I do a few things a little different than Kaye, but putting her patterns together is not one of them. Kaye only uses a dry iron, not steam because of the bias edges on her blocks. Steam stretches the blocks, so this is one place I follow 'the expert', another thing I do is to starch my blocks. Kaye uses 'sizing' instead of starch due to the 'burn' factor. As of yet, I have not had my starch burn on my fabric, but may change if that ever happens. As most know the female of the species has the prerogative to change her mind! I just did 4 blocks (used 3 in my project) and only put a single border around the blocks for a table runner. This project including digging through my stash for the fabric took me less than 4 hours and that included several short breaks to talk with DH, a few quick glances at the TV, photo taking, frogging a couple whoops, potty and drink breaks. Not bad for only glancing at the directions before I put it together, huh? Here are a few of the pics I took while I was putting this together.

As you can see I even made a couple boo-boos. You need to pay attention to the squares BEFORE you sew them together :)! Can you tell the difference in these two blocks?

Then here is my final project.

This pattern has 3 ideas with it. A pillow, quarter quilt and dresser scarf. I wasn't sure what a 'quarter quilt' was until I read Kaye's description. It is a quilt that is over the foot of the bed and would be a great decoration to spruce up your bedroom and give it a new fresh look with less expense. What great gift ideas!
I hope you all enjoyed my short 'tut' on Kaye's great new pattern, "Path of Light". To get your copy why don't you jump on over to her site and get yourself the pattern and ruler!

Now, before I go for tonight I have to add in a great picture of a couple of my grandkids and their new friend. I snitched several photos of my daughter and her family's vacation. This one happens to be one of my favorite of the collection. What do you think?

Do you think they pick good friends?

Don't forget to come on back on October 1st to see what I have on the list for the 'Fall into Fall Giveaway'!

Happy Quilting, Sharon
 "Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009

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