Monday, September 6, 2010

Photos downloaded!

Finally! I have all of my recent photos downloaded onto my computer. I guess I am way to fussy when I download because I try to put them in the correct file and name them. I am going to share some of the quilts that were in the quilt show at the 2010 Kanab, UT Film Festival here. Mel, I'll get the others up in the vacation tab.

The first 2 are antique quilts they had on display: 

This one has values to live by in it.

This one is hand quilted with the outline of the St. George Temple.

This is needle turn flowers.

This is the center medallion and a close up of one of the other blocks for the needle turn flower quilt.

This one was made with all different types of dots except the white.

Beautiful Texas star that I'm almost sure was made with a paper piecing pattern.

The center of this quilt is a new design. It is made with a 10 degree ruler. I picked one up with a book of patterns a few months ago, but have yet to work with it. This is giving me the inspiration to get busy with it....

Mayor House Sampler
These were just a few of the quilts that were there this year. I sure was happy to see a variety instead of all of the Stack and Whack that were there on my last visit. There were a lot more hand quilted items also. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Until next time, Happy Quilting, 

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