Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 2011

Good morning everyone!
How are all of you doing? I have to tell you that on one of my quilting groups I have been told that we have less than 6 months to get our Christmas projects done....... :) No, I do not have any started or even planned at this point. BUT, I must get busy.....

Today I stopped procrastinating and got my pictures of the Temple site downloaded and added on into the Temple page. I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this building as much as I am.

Another thing that I finally stopped procrastinating about was a phone call. For the past several months I have been thinking of my last living Aunt and I just bit the bullet and called her. It is amazing the memories that flood the brain when you hear a voice over the telephone line. As a kid we use to have get togethers with all of the family from time to time on holidays. There was never a formal 'reunion' each year after I was older, but just 4th of July picnics, weddings and of course funerals. Now, Aunt Lillian was my favorite Aunt. Why?, you may ask. Well, the most important reason was I was never just a kid around her. When she would ask a question she really wanted to know the answer. Of course I also had lots of fun when I stayed at her house. I loved her house on Balmore Way the best. It had great wood floors and a long hall to slide down, LOL. I'm not sure if she ever knew how much fun i has when I was there. Also, the cellar was full of neat 'stuff'. She was a Stanley dealer for many years and that is where she stored all her supplies. I also can't forget Sylvester..... Who is Sylvester you ask? Well, he was probably the meanest Siamese cat you ever laid eyes on! I have a feeling he was that way because he was picked on quite a bit...... He use to hide under the tea cart just next to the kitchen door and grab your ankles as you walked through. Boy, did he have sharp claws! I don't ever remember that cat ever sitting on anybody's lap and being petted. I know any time I tried being nice to him he either clawed or bit me. Ah, the memories!

Until next time.
Happy Quilting, Sharon 
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009

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