Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy June!

This is the last weekend of June 2011. Can you believe that the first half of the year is GONE? Where did it go?
What did I accomplish in the 55th year of my time on this earth?
One thing I have accomplished is to post more here. Is everybody tired of hearing from me yet? That's to bad, LOL!
Last week we bit the bullet and bought a new (to us) car and traded in the van. So far it gets about 24 miles per gallon around town and gets us where we need to go. The fella that sold it to us said, "Well, what do you think?" I guess he thought we should be really excited about a 2007 Saturn Ion and was a little disappointed when I said, "It's a car with 4 wheels and runs." Now, if we had been buying a Sebring convertible that would have been a different story.
Carl and I went 'bowling' tonight. We have so much fun playing Wii. I have gotten into riding my bicycle around the country side. It's a good thing on some of the ride there is fences because I can't seem to drive in a straight line most of the time. I also have fun pretending to be a duck and fly from post to post out to the ship.... Now, the balance games are something else. I can't keep my balance for anything! I always feel like I am gonna' fall over. I'll keep trying, but hold out little hope that I'll get those games right!

I posted new pics of the Temple site. So glad to see progress!

And of course I have been working on quilting 'stuff' too!

I guess that is all I have for tonight. I'll be back in a few day so don't say you haven't been forewarned!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009

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