Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Western Festival Weekend!

The "Festival of the West" came back to town this year. A couple new faces in the crowd.

Bobby Crawford

Joe Lando, "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman"

Julie Adams

Does the picture in the back ground ring any bells?

Kevin Sarbo

Meet Acoma
Meet Darwin

Meet Sabina (I think that's this beauty's name)

These 3 feathered friends are from "Liberty Wildlife" in Scottsdale, AZ. The hawks are Redtails and the owl is a Horned Owl. These have all been rescued and can't be released back into the wild for one reason or another. Acoma is almost 28 years old and will beat the 'oldest Redtail' known if he makes it to his 30th birthday. He was rescued and not turned over to 'professionals', but kept at the rescuers home and fed hamburger and other meats. When this happens the bird isn't getting the grit from the bones of the animals they usually eat. The bones keep the redtails bones in good shape. When they don't have the correct diet the redtails bones start to bow and weakens. That is what happened to Acoma and his wings are no longer strong enough to keep him flying to hunt. I was really surprised when the handler told me that he only weighed 2 pounds, he looked at least 5-7 with all the feathers.

Sabina is also a Redtail, but is a rare color. They usually aren't that dark red/brown.

Darwin facinated me the most. The handler said that the way they train them to be 'education' animals they alter their feeding schedule. Owls are nocturnal feeders and to have them this alert during the day takes training. Darwin is at Liberty Wildlife because he fell out of the nest as a fledgling and broke his wing and it didn't heal well. The handler said that Darwin's personality was great for education because he was so calm. The only thing that made him a little jumpy was a bag being flashed in the next booth.

~Then we come to the old favorites~

Johnny Crawford
Remember Mickey Mouse Club?
We know him best in 'The Rifleman', which is now playing on MeTV everyday!

Of course we had to get a 'duo'.....

Buck Taylor

How about LQ Jones? 

Ed Faulkner
We have seen him many times at the western festivals.

Lee Anderson, who we worked with last October on the "Wild West Festival" in Glendale, AZ. He was written up in 'True West Magazine' a couple months ago. He has a horse named, 'Concho' that he rescued from the dog food factory.

I would love to hear about your memories of these 'old time' western actors.

That's it for the Western Festival. Later I will get into my 'Quilting World' and update my day with Kaye!

Until next time,

Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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