Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good evening everyone!

Here it is the middle of March already and I haven't posted since the beginning of February.... bad girl, bad, bad, bad girl.....

I have been busy, mostly being a bum LOL! A reading bum that is for sure. I won 2 signed books from Harlequin American Romance blog authors. I received one of them in the mail on Monday and of course it is read already. I am just waiting for the next one. Not long ago I purchased a signed book from Cathy McDavid, so these will make 3.

Check out my 'Quilting World' page for the newest in the quilting room.

The other thing that Carl & I have been doing is changing this:

into this:
Not bad, huh? We picked up 2 of these couches at a secondhand store when we lived in Sun City for $5.00. They have beds in them and weigh a ton, but they work real well in our family room. We had an estimate of $1000.00 including fabric to re-do just one of them, but the fabric we used was given to us and the other supplies didn't even cost $50.00, so we made out. It took us about a week to get both of them done working part-time and I was never so happy to get done with a project as  I was with these. I really don't like doing stuff like this, you no sooner think you are just about done and another day is gone and you still have something to finish..... 

Another fun day was when I taught a class at M's Quilting the middle of February. Of course I didn't get any pictures :(...... On the way back from Wickenburg, AZ this is what we saw. That storm was a doozie!

This is the way I usually see these mountains three times a week on my way to work. It is just the other side of them.
The next fun day I will be having is another class with Kaye! So cool!
Until next time,

Happy Quilting, Sharon "Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009

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