Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good afternoon one and all!

Well, lots of excitement around the old homestead this past week..... Carl decided he really wasn't feeling well after we went to Kanab, UT for the Western Round-up to see all of his western actors and ended up in the hospital. Scared me silly! While he was working he had a problem with talking and I ended up calling 911 for him. Now, mind you we were 60 miles apart and I had no idea where he had parked the car and had scared all of my co-workers as I was yelling at him over the phone :(..... I need to thank the young man at CVS who went out into the parking lot to look for Carl, the 911 operators that patched me through to Wickenburg 911, the police and emergency squad that found him in the parking lot and transported him to the hospital and all of the medical personnel that took care of him after he was admitted into the hospital. All of the tests came back 'normal' and they figure he had a TIA (mini stroke), which put him on a ton of medicine. The problem he is having right now is the headache and tinnitis that usually happens after this type of episode. The doc this morning said that the headache usually last between 10 days and 2 weeks, but I sure hope it lets up before then. Having a headache that bad for days on end would make anybody crazy..... At least he is here to tell the tale and have me laugh at his misunderstanding of conversations..... 

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Happy Quilting, Sharon 
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