Monday, December 31, 2012

The year in review

The past few days I have been looking back on the year. Just like other years, we had some good and some bad things happen, but it seems as though the bad were a bit worse than normal.
The bad included the passing of two of Carl's nephews, and the passing of my Aunt Lillian. Of course I have to add Carl's stroke in August to the bad list.
The good was being able to take a couple really neat vacations and other short excursions.
In January we went to the 'Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival'. This is the show I try to go to each year. It is a great place to pick up new quilting and sewing ideas and see new things. There wasn't much new stuff this year, but I think Estelle had a fun time. I was also able to take a couple classes with Kaye Wood, too!
In May we went to San Diego, CA through Fredonia, AZ and Paso Robles, CA. Carl won a free trip for 4 to Sea World the year before so we made it a week long excursion. We spent the first couple days with Kelly and family in Fredonia, then skipped through Las Vegas for a stop at the Venetian to see the living statues on our way to Paso Robles to see Trebor's family, then we met up with Spencer and kids in San Diego, CA. Of course I needed to stop at 'Quilt in a Day' before we hit our motel in San Diego. I didn't get to meet Eleanor Burns, but I did get to see her in action at her store. Carl laughing calls our vacations as 'quilt store tours' instead of vacations, LOL!
In August we went to the 'Western Legends Round-up' in Fredonia, AZ and visited with Kelly and family, too.
In September we took Estelle on the 'Maricopa Shop Hop'. We went all over the valley visiting quilt shops. I have gone on this shop hop for several years and always pick up a few neat items and ideas.
In October we went on the 'Dolly Steamboat'. It was neat trip just to be able to see another area of Arizona and the wildlife that is so abundant in this area. I think the most exciting thing we did this year was to be part of the posse at the 'Wild West Festival' in Glendale, AZ. We sat at the information booth and talked with a lot of people and had a front row seat next to one of the outdoor stages.
In November they did another 'Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival', but this one wasn't as good as the one in January. Loretta went with us this time. It got Carl out of the house and we both had some exercise. We also had the 'kids' and their families at the house for Thanksgiving. That was nice to have the family here.
Now that this year is at an end I need to start thinking what needs to be accomplished next year. Right now the only thing that comes to mind is a lot of quilts LOL!
Until next time,
Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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