Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sites around me.....

 In NY the salt mine is on the east side of Cayuga Lake. I have never been close to see what it looks like, but have been told it is also under the lake. I checked out MapQuest and it doesn't give me an up close shot, but all I can see is buildings and open pits. It doesn't look anything like the MapQuest of Arizona's Morton Salt Mine. This has been here since we moved here, but until a couple years ago I didn't pay any attention to this area. We never go past the sign at the main entrance so I never saw the 'Morton Salt Company' sign, but I think that the Morton Salt girl with the umbrella is a tell....

This is what I see when I am traveling back and forth to work. The white mountain of salt changes in size day to day. I have no idea how they are getting the salt out of the ground. After I looked on MapQuest I noticed there are several large bodies of water around this plant. I'm not sure how they get the salt out of the water, but one picture looks like they drain the 'ponds' and then scrape the salt off the bottom.
I love looking at the sites that are around me all the time. For so many years I was just zipping right on by some fabulous sites in my rush to get to where I was going. It is a lot more fun to enjoy the trip not just the destination.
If you start checking out the sites around you as you head to your destination, you may find some neat things!
Let me know what sites you have seen on your way to your destination that you have found interesting!
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