Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

It doesn't seem possible that it was 1 year ago today that Carl made his second and most serious trip to the ER. The next 5 days were a fun time arguing with nurses and doctors that just didn't want to listen. I was never so happy to get him home then after this hospital stay!
This year we spend a much nicer weekend. Yesterday we had a picnic with Kelly, Coby and their families. We went over to Gateway Park in El Mirage. They have a 'splash' and picnic areas. I was really surprised that it wasn't a lot busier. I guess that it isn't used as much on holiday weekends as other parks. I know that the parking lot is usually filled in the evening when I come home from work.
I have been busy in the sewing room this weekend. You need to go on over to my Quilting World tab and check out what I have been up to.
Friday as we were going to an appointment we saw the steam from Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. It is really cool to see. We don't even think about it any other time.

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