Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot, lazy Wednesday afternoon!

Good evening everybody!

How is everybody tonight? Probably as hot as I am. I know that Arizona is suppose to be hot during the summer, but this year seems to be hotter than normal. Our spring was great, but now that monsoon season is here we are getting paid back..... Have you seen the Youtube videos on our Haboob? Yeah, it's a weird name.... It is a rolling wall of dust marching across the land. I didn't actually watch it as it happened, just on the internet afterwards. The dust stayed in the air for a long time afterwards and makes some people have a very hard time breathing. For me at work it is suppose to be a quiet time, but we are so busy none of us have a minute to get the little extra things done. 
I have not had much ambition to do anything in the quilting room, but did manage to find a treadle sewing machine a couple weeks ago. After seeing all of the neat treadles on one of my quilt forums I decided I really like the Singer Redeye machines. I didn't find it first, Carl pointed it out to me. Both the machine and cabinet need some work, but that will happen when the heat index goes down.....
Here is my new baby, meet 'Miss Elizabeth'.

I should have taken picture of the cabinet open, but forgot. On the left side the door opens and it has 4 drawers, on the right the doors are hiding the treadle wheel. Everything moves smooth, so I shouldn't have any problem getting this up and running. I know I am crazy, but these machines are so neat. Yes, I am going to use them when I get them up and running. I already use my Featherweight! I have even taken my little Ms. Gem on it's first outing to a friends house to help with one of her sewing projects. Ms. Gem puts a mean zipper in!

Have a great night and I'll talk with you all later. Also, don't forget to check out the update on the Temple!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
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