Friday, August 16, 2013

Driving home last weekend the moon was so cool in the sky. It was really dark out and you didn't realize that there was a lot of clouds in the sky until they floated across the moon. There was also a planet, but by the time I got the camera up the clouds had covered that too. It's hard trying to get a clear picture of things while driving down the road shooting through the windows. The camera focuses on the spots on the window instead of what you really want to focus on, but I did manage to get this clear shot.
Here is the moon just before it was hidden by clouds.

Here is the clouds moving in front of the moon a few minutes later.

I really love seeing all the natural wonders around me. You never know when you'll see something so cool again. There is a Morton Salt mine that I pass on my way to work that I want to get pictures of. For so long I never paid any attention to it and didn't realize that they mined salt there. There is a section of the block wall that has fallen and when driving by in the van I can see that they have 'ponds' that they get the salt from. Maybe tomorrow I shall get down there and get my pictures.
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