Saturday, July 28, 2012

End of July 2012

Good evening everybody! How has your day been? Mine was busy in some ways and very lazy in others. Today was day 2 of 'My Trash, Your Treasure' garage sale. Can you imagine I actually cleaned out a lot of totes and am getting rid of stuff I have hauled around for years!!! Not everything sold, (so what is new?) but we got a few pennies for some of the junk and the rest is going to a second hand store.... It is going to be so nice having the garage empty enough to get both cars in it....

Now I need to get back to the western outfits. The 'reticule' is cut out and 1/2 done. I had to stop working on that to get ready for the garage sale.... I will get back to it this next week for sure. For now I need to head to bed. I hope you all have a great week!

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Happy Quilting, Sharon
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  1. It feels wonderful to get rid of stuff, doesn't it? I'm busy quilting the birthday quilt and happy to say I'm almost halfway... :)