Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A review of 2014

Rereading my posts from this year I thought I hadn't posted very much, but after checking other years I did post quite a bit. This one is number 43 for the year and that is almost 3 per month, so I guess I do spend some time around here. 

This is my 58th 'last day of the year' event. When I was a teen my mother broke the law and got me some Boone wine for me and I spent some time on the telephone with a friend while I drank it. In later years I spent time in the local watering hole a time or two, then the laws got more strict with drinking and driving and I decided to stay home on this night. As time has gone on I have given up the bars to drinking at home to being a teatotaler and debating if I want to stay up and watch the ball drop on TV. I am contemplating on that ball drop tonight, but that will be decided at 11:45, if I happen to be awake then......

Lots has happened around us this year. We started off in El Mirage, AZ with me working at IMS Allergy & Immunology Specialist and Carl 'disabled'. Now we are in Cottontown, TN, with Carl 'retired', me working on Coyote Quilts & Specialties inventory and spending time with Julie and her family on a daily basis. 

In the spring on our trip across the states we were able to visit with family we haven't seen in many years. Thanks, Vince for sharing your family with us! 

Over the summer and fall we spent weekends at farmer's markets or craft fairs. We had some good days, some wet days and some great days. The best part was meeting other crafters in the area. Another couple of gals moved from Pennsylvania to get away from the cold and we spent a lot of time at the same shows with them. 

In May Carl and I went to New York for Larry and Roxanne's anniversary party. We were able to visit Carl's family also.

Then in October I made a second trip to New York with Julie to keep her company on her trip for Kristen's birthday. I managed to visit family I haven't seen in many years.

Cheryl and Larry

Jeff, his wife and daughter with Lissa and Bruce

And of course Tim and Rhonda.

I took care of Jeff, Tim and Robin many Friday or Saturday nights while a teen. It was the best paying job I had when I was babysitting....

During the summer we spent time in the pool with the grandkids, visited with Julie's friend's that visited, explored our new area, and made a trip to Georgia for camp with another grandkid. 

This fall as the leaves were falling we noticed a lot more things that were behind the leaves as we travel our favorite roads. There are a lot more houses hidden in the woods around here, LOL!

Over Thanksgiving there was a large party. Friends of Jim and Julie visit frequently and we get to join the festivities until we drop, which happens early compared to the 'kids'. It's nice to have things going on around us and being able to visit with new people. 

One of my early posts of the year was about the American Flag that I watched each morning on my way to work.

I have replaced the above site to the one below. These 3 flags can be viewed from 2 different roads that we travel and I just love it when the wind is blowing. This site still makes me pause and reflect what they represent. Over the years the number of stars and their placement has changed, but the meaning has always stayed the same.

Through the year I made several quilts and finished up a few UFO's. 

A new baby quilt

A finish UFO

Now to think about 2015. What do you have planned for 2015? Me, I am just going to plug along just like I did in 2014. No resolutions because they get broken real quick......

Until next time, 

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
Permanent "Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" 
Certified Instructor since 2013

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