Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ideas for blog posts...

 If you have followed my blog over the years you know that we love to see the wild creatures around us. As Carl & I travel back and forth to the gym each day we see some neat sites. On one stretch of road there is a hawk that sits on the electric lines just waiting for a snack to pop up in the field. 

On another one of our trips we went traveling a new road. Coming around a corner we saw an old house or barn that was falling apart. Of course I had to stop and get a picture and while I was clicking away I noticed  a vulture in the rafters. Can you find it? It took Carl a couple minutes to find it even though we were right there. While we were there a second one came hopping out to join the first one.

Over the years we have seen a lot of natures beautiful creations and I think a couple of our other adventures have been my favorites. This one while we were on a picnic not far from Lake Pleasant in Peoria, AZ and on our way back from Hoover Dam a few years ago. What are your favorite sites you see around you?

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