Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 31 of NaBloPoMo challenge!

Today is the last day of this challenge. I'm not sure how I stack up against the other NaBloPoMo bloggers that signed up, but I have shared more of my thoughts and happenings this month than other months. 

I didn't say 'Happy Birthday' to my aunt Jenny (the 25th) or my sister Loretta (the 30th). So here is both of your 'Happy Birthday' from me, LOL!

One thing that I have finished is my 'Blue and White Spin' quilt. I think it turned out great! Now onto my next project!

Thanks NaBloPoMo for the challenge! Let's hope that I can keep up the momentum!

Until next time, 

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
Permanent "Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2013

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