Friday, November 26, 2010

New 'Toy' problems and solutions

Happy Black Friday!! 

Today was the first day that I have ventured out shopping on black Friday in years. BUT, I had to have stuff for my new 'Toy'!! I received the parts I needed to get it going again 2 days ago and I was still having problems..... so I went to Jo-Anns to get different needles~~~maybe that was it........ While I was up in the area I figured I might just as well go to Hobby Lobby, so I picked up the Side Winder for bobbin winding, maybe that was one of the problems...... Nope, nothing seemed to work, besides the tension the top thread kept shredding. It was like something was catching it. Sooooooo, I went hunting! This is what I found:

This is a drive shuttle spring. It sits around the outside of the bobbin. The area that is circled is suppose to have a little loop, but this one had a rough edge and kept catching the upper thread and shredding it. This is what happens to your tension when this little piece of metal is bad. 

This is the top

 This is underneath

This is what it looks like when you have a working drive shuttle spring.

This is the top

Yep, this is freehand. Not bad, huh?

This is the bottom

Yahoo! I am in business! Now I need to get busy and get my supplies out and get a real quilt loaded. This machine is going to be such a DREAM to quilt with!

Happy Quilting, Sharon 

"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2009

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