Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally downloaded pics from my phone!

This is what it looks like out here when it storms.
 This is what it starts out like.
This is what is left behind after a dust storm.
 One of the sites on my way to work. Part of this field was just cut, another section had been raked and another there was bales all in perfect rows.
Another pic of the hay field.
Just sharing a little bit of my life and sites I see everyday. Today they were saying that it was suppose to rain, but it just got cloudy. Lots of people love it when it rains, but I don't. I miss the sun when it rains. At least when it does rain it doesn't usually last very long.
For information on my quilt classes scroll down a little and you will find the post. For those that are in the Phoenix, AZ area come on over and take a class. All levels of ability welcome!
Until next time,
Happy Quilting, Sharon
"Quilting the Kaye Wood Way"
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