Thursday, May 16, 2013


Since I bought my first KindleFire last year I have to say it is much easier to go 'shopping' and go 'to the library' with the thing. I have always been an avid reader (avid is relative LOL) my whole life and this little gadget makes it so much easier. I am able to just pop it in my purse (or pocketbook if that is your word) and go. It doesn't require a light (it lights up each page) that shines in other's eyes, no noise when turning pages and the books don't need a large bookcase or 2 or 3 to be stored. It also saves the trees. So, with all that in mind I have gained a LOT of books. Some years ago I had to decide how to limit my books because of space and money so to accomplish this I limited the number of authors by only looking or buying 3 of my favorites. Now that the space isn't an obstacle I have added to the list. Recently I went to 'A Chocolate Affaire' in Glendale, AZ and met one of several local writers. From that I have expanded to another author, Amanda Renee. I am linked to the Harlequin American Romance Authors blog and get their monthly blogs from the different authors. Amanda happens to be the one who wrote this months and it just jumps out and grabs you if you are into this type of reading. So if anybody like westerns and romance this one is for you! So grab a book or your Kindle or Ipad and relax and enjoy a good read!

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