Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just surfing the web....

As I sit here going through my e-mail, Facebook, library and applying for jobs I think about what I wanted to do on my blog. I love to add picture here, but at times it takes so much time to get them ready to add that I just skip the whole process. Over the past week or so on our way home from the gym I have managed to get a few pics of old barns that I have fallen in love with. As we were coming home this morning I was composing a post here with my pics, but this is what you are getting. 

Yesterday on our way to the gym it was raining cats and dogs, today it was spitting that white stuff.... Just a little temperature change and we go from water to frozen ice.... So today ended up being a great day to lay around and read which I excel at. 

I will get my pics downloaded and posted just as soon as I get my nose out of my current book. I sure hope it isn't a blustery day tomorrow with more of that white stuff it just might give me a reason for another book....

Until next time,

Happy Quilting, Sharon 
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