Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Evening Everyone!!!!

Oh so happy today. We are both feeling MUCH better and we seem to be getting our life back to where it was. It seems as though 2009 has been about going from one hospital stay and sickness to another. It will be nice to wake up each day and be able to go and do the things we like to do and not have to worry if we will have to head home before we get everything done. Now that we are getting back on our medical feet I have a new husband. He has done this to me before so it wasn't as much of a shock, but after seeing one face for so many years it is quite an adjustment to see another one. Here is before and after pictures so you can determine for yourself if I have a new man or not.

This one was in 2007 at the Western Festival with our oldest grandson.

This one is a couple days after his heart surgery in April of this year.

This is the newest one just a couple days ago. Notice anything different???

While I have gotten a new man I have also been getting my quilt block swaps done and doing little projects to sell on my site. I have even gotten the pictures taken and down loaded them on the site, so that is quite a feat for me. The latest project I completed today was sewing up a couple pillow cases for a class I am going to do for Relief Society. I forgot how easy they are to throw together and I need to do more of them. I know the grand-kids really like them.

The highlight of the past week was having a quilt shop want me to teach 'Quilting the Kaye Wood Way' classes for them. I would love to be able to teach quilting to others. It is an addictive craft that's for sure. I'm sure I'll know in the next couple of weeks if I will be busy teaching or not.

One of the things I have to do next week is can some peaches. I ordered peaches from a friend and they came in yesterday. I am sitting here smelling delicious peaches. I guess I need to give another case to the munchkin from my last canning session. She will only eat 'grandma's' peaches and she lets everyone know it. Her Mom opened a can from the store one day and she spit it out and said, 'That's not Grandma's peaches!!' and wouldn't eat them.

Wow, I am lucky tonight!!! I just checked to make sure the pictures were loaded where I wanted them to be and they are!!! No playing with the pictures and the words this time.

I suppose I need to get to bed. We are going to be able to go to church together tomorrow for the first time in forever and I need to get my beauty sleep.

I hope everybody has a great Sunday.

Happy Quilting,

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