Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope everyone is having a great day today!! I am trying to get into my quilting room and have fired up the iron. In between using the sewing machine I will be getting laundry done. Not my favorite past time!!!

Yesterday way my first day back in the grind, so to speak. It was my first day giving flu and pneumonia injections at a Mollen Immunization clinic. I can not believe the number of injections we put through one small clinic. I alone did almost 100 and I wasn't even there the full shift!!! I was pooped when I got home, had a sandwich and was in bed with the lights out by 8!! Can you believe I signed up for more of this punishment???

This past week I accomplished a lot in my sewing/quilting room. I finished 3 simple flannel blankets

and a 'Heart' Pillow

Plus, Janice and I went dumpster diving and found a couple great dumpster to get our number 10 cans to make our toilet paper holders.

The tall round things in the front are our toilet paper holders. We make them to hold either 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper.

The other small project I started was covers for the packages of Kleenex you can carry in your bag or purse. They are super easy and I have several different color choices ready to go.

The last we accomplished this past week was to go looking at the local Farmer's Market. Some are way expensive or really reasonable and FULL!!! Just our luck.... If anybody has a favorite craft fair that we could set up at that is in our neck of the woods could you give me a shout? We are looking to fill up our calendar and need a few more places to set up.

We will be setting up at Westbrook Village's Arts & Crafts Show on November 7th. We also plan on being at Ventana Lake's show this fall too.

Other than that it has been quiet around here. Carl is doing really well and feeling better every day. Yesterday while I was out giving pain to people he cleaned my floors, washed the dishes AND remembered to put the lid down on the washer so that the load I started could wash while I was gone!!! Yippee, I think I'll keep him :)

Happy Quilting,

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