Thursday, April 29, 2010

End of another month!!

Well, good evening everyone!!

Tomorrow is the end of another month in the great year of Twenty-Ten. I sure wish someone would put the brakes on!! I guess I just need to set more goals. There was a  hint on one of the forums that I am on that suggested that you set a timer for 20 minutes and just work on one thing. It doesn't matter if you actually do anything physical with what ever you have picked, you just have to do it for 20 minutes. Maybe it is just going through your quilt books looking for a pattern, or sorting your fabrics---the idea is to just do it! Another idea for clean up was to use 4 yardsticks, form a square with them and clean just what is in that square. Before you know it everything will be clean! Both are great ideas that I just might give a try!

It has been quite nice around here until the past couple of days. The wind has been blowing and stirring up all kinds of dust! Can't get out and walk for exercise and barely able to go from work to the car it's so nasty out. When it gets like this it's hard to see the mountains that surround us. Just kinda' dark lumps on the horizon.

Onward to the quilting progress. It seems as though I have less and less time to get into the sewing room. Right now I have a quilt on the wall that I promised for a grand-daughter to go on her bed in her new bedroom. I hope I will be able to get the last border cut and on this weekend. Then the joy of quilting, but first I will have to get my frame level. The last quilt I did on the frame I just did a quick level job on and I need to do something more permanent. You get one area level and it throws off another area. It just takes time and patience to get it done and I have been in short supply of time since we moved in here.

I started working at the office full time this week. Just until we hire another MA (medical assistant). This training is the pits!!! I no sooner get someone trained and I have to do it over again. I guess I had better get use to it because my doc wants to have 'externs' (we knew them as 'interns') in the office. We have had 4 so far. Some are good, some are okay, so we shall continue to search to find the good ones to join our office.

Well, I am off. It is time for me to get some sleep.

Happy Quilting, Sharon

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