Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April almost gone!?!?

Good evening all! I just can not believe that this month is almost gone! This year is flying by faster than ever. I'm not getting as much quilting done as I would like, work keeps getting in the way. I no sooner get a few regular days off and it gets changed! Of course this time of the year isn't the best time for anybody with allergies. Everybody is suffering! That's great for my pocketbook, but not for my disposition! 

Last week I did manage to get most of a quilt top done for a grand-daughter. I just need to get the borders on and get it quilted. Before I get it on the frame I need to level up my frame and machine. The last one I quilted on the frame I just raised a little here, and there for a temporary fix, but I really need to get some boards and do it right.

Janice and I are trying to get stuff done for craft fairs this fall. My oldest sister gave us an idea and we sure hope it is a good one. Janice is the one that has the touch with decorating and enjoys that type of craft so she has been working on them more than I am. Here is a picture of what my sister has. What do you think?

 Janice has more ideas for decorating these things than I would ever dream up. Of course I want a southwestern design. I'm sure that doesn't surprise many that really know me :)...... We will be doing some embroidery and we have wine 'jackets'. I have several mostly sewn together on my sewing table. I have several more to put together then I can sit in front of the tube while I trim and turn. Of course we'll have the hanging towels I do all the time. I really need to start working on them again while I sit and watch TV. My wrists start hurting if I work on them to many nights in a row.

I suppose I have rambled enough for tonight. I sure hope everyone is doing well and enjoying warmer weather. I know I am!!

Happy Quilting,


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