Monday, December 18, 2017

Those that have gone before

In 1983 at the young age of 27 my BFF was just gone.... She left 2 little boys, a husband, a brother, 2 sisters, a mother and father, and lets not forget the multitude of friends. Suddenly I didn't have someone I could call and 'discuss' things with any more. No place to go and just be me. No friend that understood my snide remarks about things in our past.

Just a few short years later, in 1986, my mom joined the, 'Those that have gone before' group. The first disease just took pieces and she fought to get back to a 'life' which left her hurting every day therafter. The second disease is what finally had her joining 'the group'. For probably a year or more after she joined, 'the group' I picked up the phone to call and talk to her. Sometimes I even managed to dial a few numbers before I remembered.

Then in 1994, my oldest brother joined the, 'Those that have gone before' group. Another fighter that disease took way to soon. He never got to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle, nor see all his grandkids. The many plans he had for 'later' never happened because 'later' never arrived.

Another brother battled heart disease for many years and joined the, 'Those that have gone before group' in 2007. Another fighter that left behind kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters and tons of friends.

In 2017 the latest member added to 'Those that have gone before' group was my oldest sister. Her battle lasted a little less then a year and at times I still can't believe I can't call and ask her stupid questions any more. Everytime I boot up my computer I have a favorite picture of her as my background screen. It's my favorite because she was really, really happy at the time and it just shows and is the reason for this post.

Yes, there were others that came before these 5. 3 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 1 Great Aunt, 2 Grandmothers, a niece, and cousins. Some I was close with others not so much, but they are all part of my family and each has a special place in my heart. Some day I hope to see them all again and be able to sit around the table while we play cards, laugh and enjoy being together again.

Until then I shall remember the good, bad, silly and fun times that we had before they became 'Thoses that have gone before'.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting, Sharon Permanent "Quilting the Kaye Wood Way" Certified Instructor since 2013

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