Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Evening Everyone!!!

I decided to review my blog tonight to see what quilts I have posted and what I have rambled on about over the past year or so. While doing that I found a link to a sew-along quilt pattern  that I have been looking for! Yippee! I won't be getting into the drawing, but I will be doing the quilt for sure. I like all of the blocks posted except for 2, so I should be able to deal with that. I bought my extra fabric I needed right after I saw the post, so I am ready to go with that. I also found another pattern I was looking for the other night and thought I had lost. So, now I have 2-'to do's'.......

I dug out an old 'to-do' this past week and started working on them. In 2006 I join a Banner of the Month club and got all of the patterns. It also included the buttons and fabric, which was nice. I loved the banners, but didn't love the technique, it is applique, which is hand work, which is not my favorite thing to do. Well, I only have 3 banners left to do the hand work on, but 8 to sandwich, quilt and bind. I AM going to get these finished! I did all the prep work this past week and am starting on the 'yucky' part. I will then put the patterns on the internet to sell. I would love to make these again for a present, but know I won't do it. Mine have taken me 4 years to complete, what makes me think I'll get another set done?

Here are the banners that are complete. I will be so happy when I get all of them done!

So, on with the blog review...... Last year was a series of ups and downs and I am so glad that I had Heavenly Father along for the ride. I do not know how I would have survived one day to the next without His help!! Thank you, Heavenly Father for all your support and love you show to me and my family!

I thought I had shared a picture of the 'Star Wars' quilt that went up north to a grandson. Two years ago he was learning to read and I told him that I would make him a quilt when he reached book number 150. Now, you have to understand that he was 5 at the time and his mom was trying to encourage him to read. Well, the stinker worked his tail feathers off and finished a lot sooner than I thought he would. He read me book number 150 one day in August that year. A little while later I took this picture:

I thought I had one with a happy smile, but could not find it. It must be on a disc in the drawer.....

Well, enough of the blog review, it's getting late and I do believe that the body is telling me to get to bed. Besides, I need to get my beauty sleep so that I can go shopping tomorrow at a local quilt shop (better known as LQS). They are having a Christmas in July sale and it looks really interesting!!

So, everyone have a great night and better tomorrow!

Happy Quilting,

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