Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sometimes posting is a pain.......

Well, I thought I'd be a good do-bee tonight and post pictures of our trip to Prescott, AZ for the rodeo..... What a chore. I downloaded all of the pictures yesterday so I thought it would be just a quick 5 minutes to post. Oh no, it never works out that way. I guess that is why I sometimes don't post as much as I would like. I did resize the pictures yesterday and loaded what I wanted on the 'Vacations!' tab, then as I was doing my usual review I noticed I forgot my watermark. Ok, so I just went back to PhotoScape, added my watermark and was replacing all of my pictures when I couldn't see my watermark..... Grrr, now what did I do wrong? Well, I watermarked all of the originals instead of the resized ones in my blog folder. So back I go to PhotoScape and watermark the correct photos. Now back to BlogSpot to replace my pictures. Of course your post never looks the same as the first time so you have to play and figure out what needs to be changed. I don't get as frustrated as I use to when I have to revamp my posts. I have learned a few things since starting this blog. I hope you enjoy checking out the pictures I posted on one of our fun days of the year!
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